Quilting Journey: 5th anniversary!

Little did I know when I started making my first quilt around this time of year five years ago, I would be picking up what looks like a lifelong addiction. These are snapshots of my first quilt.

I had next to none sewing experience prior, and decided to tackle a piece and applique quilt for my first quilt. I have the greatest quilting teacher. She never did once belittle my naivety, and made me start with a simple beginner’s quilt. She walked me through making that first quilt with utmost patience. I think that’s the reason why I really began to love quilting after completing first quilt.

My first quilt eventually inspired me to work on a quilt (my fourth) with an emphasis on machine embroidery for publish in the Spring 2007 issue of Quilting & Embroidery:

Ever since then, I have had quite a ride in my quilting journey. And yet, the most meaningful aspect of quilting for me as I continue to thread along this quilting journey is that I am making something heirloomy that is tangible to pass down to the next generation, and hopefully the next and the next and the next…

My journey also provides a means for me to connect with the past as I seek to reproduce antique quilts. It’s great to be in an encompassing group of quilters that span centuries in perfecting the art of needle and thread.

[My wholecloth interpretation of Susan McCord’s Harrison Rose Quilt]

My quilting journey has brought me in touch with many who have become dear dear friends, including many that I haven’t met face to face. Again, the quilting community truly comprises of the most amazing people.

Quilting has marked certain important events in my life. I can look at any of my quilts and related the times I spent making them to certain periods of my life. One of most dramatic event I have ever experienced is mentioned in the editorial of The Quilter’s May 2010 issue associated with my Simple Pleasures quilt (I remember that night as if it were yesterday!):

I don’t know where my quilting journey will take me, but one thing I do know… I will enjoy every bit of it as I go along! Whether you quilt or not, I want to thank you for being my lovely companions in my quilting journey. Your encouragement helps me strive for something more excellent!

Every quilter has a story to tell about her quilting journey. If you do post about your story and journey, please let me know so that I can read about it!

33 thoughts on “Quilting Journey: 5th anniversary!

  1. I just absolutely can’t believe your quilting journey began only 5 years ago…so amazing to me! Your work is wonderful and an inspiration! Do you ever go to quilt market? I’m going to go in the spring and would love to see you there!

  2. Happy Quilting Birthday! Gee whiz! If this is what you do after only five years, imagine what you’ll be doing in ten. Quilters, watch out! Thank you for sharing and for inspiring us.

  3. What a fabulous first quilt!! Happy quilting birthday. I’m amazed at what you’re doing after just 5 years.
    A couple of years ago I wrote a post about why I started quilting.

  4. Wendy,
    You are one fabulous quilter- you do beautiful intricate work and I marvel at all your complicated quilting.
    Thanks for sharing your journey- may it continue to be a long and happy one.
    Warmest regards,

  5. I CANNOT believe you’ve only been quilting 5 years, Wendy. You’re amazing. I remember that kitty quilt – I had the magazine, loved it so much! I wonder if I still have it.

  6. Happy 5th quilting anniversary Wendy. I can see you have come a long way. Your first quilt is gorgeous too. The applique quilt behind you and your friend is one of Cynthia Tomaszwaski’s quilt (my friend). I’m surprised to see it here. Hugs Natima

  7. Only 5 years??? All I got is ‘WOW’! Maybe you were a quilter in some of your past incarnations to have all this talent bloom full blown so very quickly! Ya know, like Motzart being able to compose when he was a tiny child?? It’s a gift I tell ya! Seriously, you are a very talented gal and I, too, join in to wish you a Happy Quilting Birthday.

  8. Wow – Great Story Wendy…and your journey is indeed amazing and very encouraging. Your work is fantastic! 5 years – and where you are now – …well its wonderful. Its good to be with you on your continuing journey. So special!! :)

  9. I’m glad you discovered quilting, you are very talented and such an inspiration for me to have a go at machine quilting. I love your double nine patch quilt. Happy anniversary.

  10. In Quilters Newsletter Magazine they used to do a feature called “First Quilts, Last Quilts” by noted quiltmakers. Thank you for sharing yours and for continuing to share your very inspirational journey with all of us!

  11. Wendy, thank you for sharing your journey. In decades from now, you will have even more wonderful memories of your quilting journey. Quilting opens avenues that most can’t imagine.
    Your posts are an inspiration.

  12. Happy Quilting Anniversary, Wendy. I feel like I have gotten to know you in the short time I have been following your blog. We the readers are so lucky to have teachers like you to inspire us and share with us. You are one of the best. I can hardly wait each day to see if I have email from you to learn more–I think I’m addicted to you.

    Thank you for being here for all of us quilters.

  13. Gorgeous quilts from the first to now!! Keep up the wonderful journey….you enjoy it and that’s what makes it all the more special!

  14. Happy Quilt-a-versary, Wendy! That’s so interesting, that you started out with a challenging quilt instead of one of the patterns typically recommended for beginners. It probably depends on the personality of the beginner — many people would get frustrated by a first project like yours, but then, some people need to feel challenged to be truly engaged. I wonder how many potential quilters have been turned off by a boring beginner project that they weren’t even excited enough about to finish? When I was shopping for fabrics for my first quilt, the ladies at the quilt shop were trying to be helpful, but they kept trying to steer me towards using fewer fabrics, less expensive fabrics, etc., because they knew it was my first quilt. But to me, it’s all about playing with exciting fabric! I’d rather make mistakes and mess up on expensive fabric than have to spend hours and hours looking at ugly fabric. :-)

    …And are you KIDDING me that you’ve only been quilting for FIVE YEARS?!!! You rock!

  15. Amazing! My journey in quilting began with a desire to make a quilted “blankie” for my first great-niece about 4 years ago. My 1st quilt wasn’t near as nice as yours, but I was happy. I learned through it that a)I needed a much better sewing machine, b)I would never quilt on my DSM again, and c)that I absolutely loved the entire creative process. I had two nieces due about the same time, one chose to wait until the baby was born to know what she was having . . . my 2nd quilt was much more ambitious. I discovered longarm quilting and absolutely fell in love. Since then I have created many quilts for gifts, for customers and now own several machines as well as an HQ Avante! I enjoy everything about this wonderful craft that was a true “fit” for me! There is no looking back, just lots & lots of creativity ahead!

  16. Congratulations on your 5 years! How wonderful for you to look back and have these beautiful creations to remember the journey with. Love the photos of you included in the post Wendy!!

  17. Hi Wendy,
    Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary! That’s awesome! Your first quilt is so pretty. You have such a wonderful talent, thank you so much for sharing all your lovely creations with us! God bless…

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  19. Oh you´re looking so sweet with your quilts….
    wonderful to see you :-)
    Like to read the story of your quilting life – interesting.

    Hugs from Helle

  20. Happy Quilty Anniversary, Wendy! You go, girl. I cannot be more fortunate to have found your blog. You’ve inspired me tremendously. I’ve been quilting a lifetime longer and I’m not anywhere near your quilty mark. I have a long way to go… Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for your generosity in sharing your talent. Congratulations; may you have many more years of enjoyment. Aloha nui loa, ellen.

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