Over the course of the last few weeks, Erin, Michelle and Pokey awarded me this:

Thank you ladies. I am supposed to share about seven things about myself…

#1 I dabble in floral arrangements when given the opportunity. Click here and here for more pictures.

#2 My two favorites: chocolates and cheeses.

#3 I can’t swim, nor can I ride a bike. For some reason, anything remotely athletic is not found in my genes.

#4 Next month will mark my 5th year in quilting – come back on Oct 4th to read about my quilting story.

#5 Shopping or the Library? Definitely the library for me. Leave me in a corner, and come back and pick me up when the library closes. That’s my idea of spending a quiet afternoon.

#6 I like to keep track of my life the old fashioned way – thus, the old day planner and not the computer or iphone. :)

#7 I am a dish-aholic. Most of you already know that, but in case you are new here…

I am passing the award to:

Vicki of Field Trips in Fiber

Margaret of Quick Queen of Quincy Quilting Blog

Jeanne of Old Fashioned Baby

Natima of Not Just Nat

As you visit these different blogs, I hope you are inspired by these ladies as they have me in my quilting/sewing journey! Have a fanta-bulous day!

9 thoughts on “Award

  1. Well congrats times three, lol! Oh your flowers are just gorgeous. Hey Wendy, I can’t swim or ride a bike either, lol, although I used to ride I now fall off. Your quilting looks so yummy!

  2. Congratulations on your versatile award and thanks for choosing me for one of the recipient. I’m looking for something to blog next. I will blog about it soon. Thanks again my sweet friend. It has been good getting to know you and you still surprise me after all this time – Hugs Natima

  3. Wendy, Perhaps we could visit a library together… ask that it be closed for a weekend and have it all to ourselves. You can be on one side, I’ll be on the other… someone can bring us room service, hot tea and crumpets, but it will be quiet and peaceful. Or is that “pieceful?”

  4. Can’t swim? I’m in the middle of the Pacific and I can’t swim [or surf] either!! Tell me eight more things about you; you’re creative and interesting. Aloha!

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