Ladybugs in Polka Dotville: Part 3

[If you are just now joining the Quilt-along, please click on the button above for preliminary and additional information.]

Hello Friends, I hope you have had a good week.  It’s time for part 3 of our Quilt-along.  So without further ado… but before proceeding further, your quilt center now should look something like this:

Part 3:  We will be adding the colorful squares around the black sashing from part 2.  COLORS will start popping up all over the place now.

You will need for the multi-color colorway –

You will need for the pink/purple colorway –

Or fabrics of your choice!

**** please note that my instructions are for the multi-color colorway, you will have to adjust the fabrics for the pink/purple colorway or the colorway of your choice****

Step 1:  For green, red, yellow, orange and navy polka dot fabrics, cut widthwise from each fabric one 2 1/2″ x 42″ strip.

Recut from green strip, 11 2-1/2″ squares

Recut from red strip, 11 2-1/2″ squares

Recut from yellow strip, 11 2-1/2″ squares

Recut from orange strip, 1o 2-1/2″ squares

Recut from navy strip, 9 2-1/2″ squares

Step 2: Piece the squares together into two  separate “chains” according to the diagram below.

Sew each chain to the two opposite short sides of the quilt center.

Step 3:  Now piece the rest of the squares into another two separate “chains” as shown in the diagram below.

Sew the chains to the remaining two opposite sides.

And I pronounce you DONE for part 3! :)


Other related happenings:

1.  Here is a picture of how mine is looking so far…

2.  I just received word from Pat of Colorado that she just received her fabrics.  Pat said, “I’ll likely end up making more then one of these because there are just too many kids out there who need a bright spot in their day, and this would really fill the bill! ”  The kids she is talking about are those in Kids in Crisis.  I think Pat is an absolute gem!

3.  Christine has some cool fabrics picked out for her project.  Check them out here.

I don’t have a fun fact for you this time, but do have a cool shopping site
where you can shop for all things ladybugs!

How is your progress coming along?  If you have progress pictures to show, do send them along to me at or send me a link to your blog.  I would love to share with others how you are doing. :)  Meanwhile, HAPPY LADYBUG-GING!  Till next time.

6 thoughts on “Ladybugs in Polka Dotville: Part 3

  1. Hi! I just got my fabric yesterday. I love the brightness. I’ll be starting Lesson 1 this afternoon and hopefully by next Friday, I’ll be caught up!

  2. hi wendy… tq visited n took ur precious time to leave a comment at my blog, so shocked /./ :) i wanna ask u,, what if i wanna make it smaller than the finished size? let say i start the ladybugs playground by cutting 20 squares 4 1/2 “? i plan to make it a wall hanging… what do you think? really appreciate your opinion.

    thanks.. :D

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