Scattered Leaves in THE QUILTER (October/November 2010)

I somehow see my Scattered Leaves quilt (featured as cover quilt in The Quilter‘s October/November 2010 issue) in an outdoor setting. So, despite our crazy schedule, we managed to load everyone and the quilt up and went to the park...

You can see my little photography stylist being hard at work, making sure that my quilt was draped just right.

I had shipped this quilt by Express Mail to the editor because of a photoshoot deadline. Well, my quilt was mis-delivered and as a result missed the photoshoot. One of the editorial staff ended up having to drive the quilt to the photographer’s house to get him to photograph it for the October/November lineup.

[Picture from]

I was touched to hear about the behind-the-scenes dedication of the staff at The Quilter. I am now even more appreciative of the editorial staff with whom I have the absolute privilege and honor to work.

I have stitched on the blocks some favorite food items the Ivory Spring household enjoys during the Holiday Season to go with the “Autumn into Winter” fabric collection name. [Click here for more ideas on personalizing your quilt blocks.] I used one strand of DMC embroidery floss stitching with tiny stitches (about the size of a single weave on the fabric). The tiny stitches make the cursive words flow much more smoothly.

You can see that pumpkin is a big deal in the Ivory Spring household. I am interested to know what your favorite pumpkin anything recipe is for the fall/winter season:

The quilt was made with fabrics from RJR‘s Autumn into Winter collection. I used almost all the fabrics in this collection for this quilt to give it a scrappy look.

Scattered Leaves was quilted using my domestic machine with Aurifil‘s Mako Cotton 50 threads of different color to match the different fabrics over Hobbs‘ Tuscany Silk batt – absolutely bliss, I tell ya!

Kits for the quilt are available from Quaker Town Quilts.

Ellen (no blog) left this comment on a previous post about my Scattered Leaves quilt that just leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy. I am all about heirloom. To hear that someone is graciously including me in her family’s tradition just made my day. Thank you, Ellen.

“I am definitely going to make the commemorative quilt, Scattered Leaves, for Thanksgiving. Our family traditionally feast together. Because it’s your design, you’re going to be part of our family for years to come. Thank you, Wendy. ” ~Ellen

I will share some of the recipes on this blog in a few weeks when the weather gets colder. Meanwhile, I am going back to work. I am currently working on a SUPER sweet project. I can’t wait to show you some preview pictures.

41 thoughts on “Scattered Leaves in THE QUILTER (October/November 2010)

  1. Ah your tiny helper is doing brilliantly! Wendy I love your outdoor shots of this quilt, it looks so fabulous against the stones and fence. The idea to add names of favorite recipes is absolutely inspired – excellent job, this quilt glows with the very colors of autumn!

  2. Wendy – that looks wonderful and the setting in the park is so right…plus that little special person …how lovely!! Congratulations for a work so well done!!

  3. I picked up my copy today – love it. I must admit that I think your photos show the quilt off than the cover of the magazine. I also wish they had mentioned what was embroidered on the blocks. Still I love the quilt and need to go through my stash and select fabrics. I’m sure that I have some leaf print fabrics someplace and may use some batiks. Fabulous work.

  4. I’m a first time visitor to your site and here you are, a CoverGirl. Whoohoo to you. This is a beautiful quilt, I love the use of fall fabrics in the Maple leaf. Your machine quilting is also gorgeous. I must take some more time and visit here.

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  6. I am so thrilled for you to be on the cover! The quilt is amazing!!! I love the fabric too.
    I make a pumpkin torte at this time of the year that we all love.
    Great stylist!♥

  7. I can see your gorgeous little helper doing a great job. We here in Oz have pumpkins in many ways, Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Scones, Pumpkin Bread and Muffins, Roast Pumpkin, Diced Pumpkin with cous cous, Pumpkin Dip, but I guess we don’t use it in Pumpkin Pies so much, although those are fairly well known here.

  8. Wendy, this is gorgeous! Congratulations for making the cover of the magazine. I appreciate the photos and information provided on your blog. I’m going to share your post on our Guild’s blog, and make sure to personally get a copy of that issue!

  9. That is really lovely. Similar to the one I made a few years ago.

    Pumpkin favorite? I make a double layer pumpkin chiffon pie with gingersnap crust every Thanksgiving for my grandfather. I combined 2 recipes to make it.

    Congrats on the magazine cover!

  10. Wow, I love all the shots…it is nice to see many of them as you get a different view and sense of its true value…
    The idea of using up the entire collection is rather ideal..
    the scrappy look is perfect…not surprised it is the cover..
    congrats … I bid you good night…I am falling to my pillow…

    blessings msamm

  11. hi wendy–the marabella quilt is finally in ny and there’s a picture on my blog of olivia wrapped in it–mostly that one shows the back, but there are several pictures of the quilt on that same post. i didn’t do as many leaves on the applique blocks–just not working for me and i simplified that part of it. i love your quilt pattern. (my friend brought over the magazine with the autumn leaves quilt in it and i told her you were the one who designed olivia’s quilt) have a great day

  12. Just wanted to say… I’m paying some visits even though I am technically still on break. I missed you, and I wanted to thank you SO much for the prayers you sent our way. Mr. Magpie is on the mend, and my nursing duties have shifted to cleaning duties. That means I hope to be blogging again soon! YEA!


    Sheila :-)

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