Smocking for Fall: Part 2

My fall leaves smocking for Miss Baby’s Autumn dress this year is DONE!  The smocking plate is “Leave it to us” by Little Memories.

I didn’t quite know how it would turn out when I only had a few leaves smocked from the last time I talked about smocking this project:

But I thought when all is said and done, things look really autumn-y:

While I was stitching the finishing touches, Miss Baby managed to get a hold of my floss stash and did this to some of the new skeins.  She was just chattering away, and enjoying herself too much for me to take any disciplinary actions.  I thought all those three skeins cost a little over $1, and I can still get the tangles out and wind them onto a thread card – it was worth the little bit of childhood innocent bliss.  So, I caved… and I let her…

21 thoughts on “Smocking for Fall: Part 2

  1. It’s beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished dress! Good for you on letting baby play, you’re so right, they don’t cost much and weren’t ruined….there’s a time to let it go, and a time to take action. You’re a wise mum, Wendy.

  2. Your smocking is so beautiful! What an unusual and lovely design. Good work! I love your letting baby play with the thread. You may have started her on her first steps to stitching with Mom!

  3. pretty smocking…Next time when you work. cut the thread to desired length and give it to her to wind it on the bobin, i think she might enjoy it and it is something productive too, if it works…lol…she is too cute and i know we cannot scold them when they enjoy in their world..

  4. Beautiful! Your little one is going to have wonderful memories of spending time with you while you sew. Maybe someday that will inspire her to sew; maybe someday when she is much older and has children and grandchildren of her own, she will feel close to you in some way when she is sewing. A couple packs of embroidery floss: $5 at most. Warm memories to last a lifetime: Priceless! :-)

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