Americana Florals: Sneak Peek #3

Happy Monday, my Friends!   Quilting is underway for Americana Florals.  What you see is the quilting for the accompanying blocks.  I am just doing some textured quilting on these blocks because I want the blocks to be just that, accompanying.

I did some smocking, sewing for baby, cross-stitching and reading this weekend.  So I should be able to show you some pictures later this week.   So tell me, what was the highlight of your weekend?


13 thoughts on “Americana Florals: Sneak Peek #3

  1. That is looking so lovely, and very Americana-ish!

    What a busy, productive weekend!

    I went furniture shopping with hubby and had a nice Sunday at our new church. There was a communion service last night which afforded a fresh look at what Christ did for us on the cross.

  2. Love the muted colors on this one, Wendy. And, as always, your quilting is lovely. I made a fun and somewhat unusual lunch bag for my college age daughter this weekend. But the highlight was crawling up and watching a chick flick with her yesterday afternoon. We hadn’t had some girly time like that in a while!

  3. Hi Wendy ! the weekend was good , the heat and humidity went a bit down after days of African climate!
    The WE was relaxing & devoted to a nice restaurant where we had the first mushrooms of the sasons (frieds, grilled, etc..) , little cleaning at home, crossstitching (Fall subject) , finishing and assembling Xstitching works , cooking and also…. shooting with rifle : my target was a green apple and I took it!!!
    hugs, gloria

  4. As always your quilt is looking beautiful. I spent the weekend working on my sunflower and ladybug quilt. Saturday I sewed and sewed. Sunday I ripped out Saturday’s sewing, re-cut, and sewed again. It sounds like your weekend was a little smoother than mine.

  5. Beautiful, as always.
    My weekend consisted of needlepointing, walking 10 miles, pilates and visiting with my mom-always important. Not enough time with my husband, regretfully. No housework or cooking, too bad!!

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