Joseph’s Pinwheels: Final Sneak Peeks

Good day, Friends!  I finally emerged (well, for a little bit), with my Joseph’s Pinwheels in tow!  I managed to squeeze in a lunch with some dear girls,  taxi-ing Baby Miss Baby (since she has just about lost her baby look) to her playdate, and spruced up a photo album with my fabric flower to give as a birthday gift.

I kept the quilting on this quilt rather simple because I did not want to take away the “neat and tidy” look of the quilt.  You may not see it from the pictures, but I quilted along ALL the straight lines in that quilt – a bit of a tedious business.

Tip for quilting along ditches: you might consider doing all your can to keep your seams straight.  It will make your quilting go a lot of faster and easier.

These are all the sneak peeks I can show you before the quilt is officially featured next year in one of Fons & Porter‘s magazines.  In case you are wondering, the fabrics are from RJR‘s Supreme Cotton Solids and Crazy for Dots and Stripes collections.

I guess I shall submerge in my next quilt project for a little while… will have some sneak peeks for you next week, I hope!  If not, you will have to come over and motivate me. :)

22 thoughts on “Joseph’s Pinwheels: Final Sneak Peeks

  1. This is one fantastic quilt! I love it! It just makes me smile to see it! I love the solid & dot stars, and your happy little bits of sashing. I don’t think it is possible for it to be any better! Thank you so much for sharing it! How wonderful that it will be published! You must be so happy and excited! I’ll look forward to seeing it in print.

  2. I really like that quilt and the simple quilting really adds to it. Any more and it would have been too much. Good choice Wendy. Can’t wait to see this one in the magazine.

  3. Love the bright colors with the black and white. And I always LOVE polka dots. I’m a terrible stitch in the ditch-er, that’s why I just did straight(ish) lines on my baby quilt on either side of the seam. :)

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