Civil War Bride Quilt Update: LEAVES!

The last time I posted on my Civil War Bride Quilt, I shared about my need for symmetry.  Honestly, the issue of stems with asymmetrical dimensions won’t matter in the scale of eternity, but it bothered me at the time, and I redid my stems… so, this was from my last update:

I have managed to add a few more leaves to my block since then:

I am so in love with this project because it is a totally ME project.  I am not making this for anyone else but me! :)  My ultimate goal in quilting is to reproduce a Baltimore quilt.  So, this Civil War Bride quilt has been a great practice quilt for me to bone up on my hand applique skills.  I have used YLI Silk 100 with #11 Straw Needles by Jeana Kimball – I have liked the combination so far:

As you can see from comparing with the top picture, I have a long long long way to go before I complete this Civil War beauty!  The block I am working on is the one on the top left corner.  But one stitch made is one stitch closer to the finish line… :)

15 thoughts on “Civil War Bride Quilt Update: LEAVES!

  1. I’m so glad you re-did the stems, Wendy. I think it looks lovely. But boy this is no quick project, lol!

    I’m holding that attitude with my drunkard’s path blocks – one block done is one block closer….sigh.

  2. I like your attitude about the finish of this quilt. You are so right every stitch brings you that much closer to the completed project. The only way to look at that project is one stitch at a time. Your doing beautifully so far.

  3. Wendy, that’s totally gorgeous first block of CWBQ. I can see more of these beautiful blocks coming after this – Good job Wendy – Hugs Nat

  4. Wendy, I know you follow Sandra’s fantastic blog and you may want o check which needle and thread she recommends for applique.

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