Cosy Patch in UK’s POPULAR PATCHWORK (August 2010)

I had been sitting at a desk for hours and hours working on new quilt designs. My back was a bit sore, and I was getting quite a bit cranky. Nothing cheered me up better than seeing my husband return with a package from the UK with a gigantic stamp. I have in my collection the diminutive ones (the red one), but this is my first time seeing the BIG version. I do love that side profile of Queen Elizabeth:

In the package were my complimentary copies of the latest Popular Patchwork issue. Popular Patchwork is a bi-monthly quilt magazine published in the UK which also offers subscriptions in digital format. You have to check out their website if you haven’t.

In the magazine is my Cosy Patch project! I always love seeing how my quilts are presented in magazines. But seeing yet another trans-Atlantic endeavor come to fruition brings me gratification and satisfaction indescribable by words!

Behind the scenes, many a email were exchanged. The magazine article was sent back and forth for editing purposes. Pictures were taken in my corner of the US and sent over to the UK.

Lady Carlyle, a handmade patchwork bear who had traveled all the way from Japan to be in the Ivory Spring household, also made her appearance in the magazine!

I am super pleased with this quilt feature. Seeing the quilt in the magazine makes the hours I spend working on my quilts absolutely worthwhile!

Lady Carlyle is celebrating the feature with tea – do come and join her! And I do look forward to making friends with quilters from the UK.

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you a cosy day!

12 thoughts on “Cosy Patch in UK’s POPULAR PATCHWORK (August 2010)

  1. Another congratulations is due here! I have read that magazine when we lived the the UK – some talented quilters in that part of the world – Glad to see your quilt in there – Hugs Natima

  2. Congratulations Wendy! It must be thrilling for you. Love the Bear and the quilt. They look so good together. The tea set is on my wish list. I love collecting dishes also.

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