Baby’s elastic sundress – Part 1

It is a universal truth that a quilter with a large leftover fabric stash is need of scrap projects.* I used a piece of fabric that is leftover from my Marabella quilt…

… to make a little elastic sundress top for Baby.

I added the buttons:

And ribbon around the skirt using my edge-stitch foot. It’s an awesome foot:

My sewing teacher and friend Annelle is getting me fixed up with making matching pants for the top – I shall save that for Part 2.

The instructions for this sunderss are available on Children’s Corner‘s website:

Picture from Children's Corner's website

It was a fun little project while I was taking a mini break from quilting. I am smocking a fall dress for Baby next. Hope to have some pictures for you soon. Enjoy your day!

* inspired by the opening statement inJane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

24 thoughts on “Baby’s elastic sundress – Part 1

  1. Oh, Wendy… that’s just as cute as can be. I bet your baby girl looks precious in it. She is one lucky little lady to have you as her mother.


    Sheila :-)

  2. The dress brings back many memories. I used to make sun dresses for my daughter (now age 42) in a similar fashion. I used elastic thread in the bobbin and made ties for the straps. I would put cute pockets on usually with a fun lace or other embellishment. I made dozens of those. :)

  3. darling little dress. i’ve ordered some extra material of one of the fabrics i’m using for my newest girlie girl’s marabella dress. will be making dresses or skirts for all four of my girlie girles–from 12 to 2 weeks. what pattern(s) do you use for your smocked dresses?

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