Christmas Whirligigs: Final Sneak Peeks

This week has gone by so fast for me.  I think it’s because I have been staying up way late finishing up my Christmas Whirligigs quilt… and FINISHED it is!

The fabrics I used for the quilt are from Benartex‘s Noel Christmas collection.

I did an allover design on this quilt in “longarm” style.  This holly/berry motif is the hardest allover design I have ever done.  It was challenging at times because with a home machine, I just couldn’t see very far ahead to know where to go next with my quilting.

I am sorry I am not able to offer more peeks as I don’t want to give the design away until it is officially featured in The Quilter’s Holiday issue later in the year.  The magazines should be hitting the newsstands sometime in October.  This quilt is my LAST magazine feature quilt for the year.

I will be working on another Thread Talk post over the weekend.  Those posts generally take a little longer… so stay tuned!  Thanks for popping by – have a fantastic weekend!

23 thoughts on “Christmas Whirligigs: Final Sneak Peeks

  1. Beautiful quilting — I’m amazed at how beautifully you quilted that on a home machine!!
    So does this mean you can take a bit of a breather if this is your last magazine commitment this year?

  2. Wow! It is beautiful. What kinda of thread do you use? I have a feeling even if I used the same thread it wouldn’t even be close to yours

  3. The stitching turned out wonderful. So pretty on those fabrics. I’m looking forward to seeing the entire quilt. Last published piece for the year – does this mean the unveiling of the Tweet Tweet quilt will be next year?

  4. Ivory,

    Oh my goodness! That is absolutely amazing! The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous and the quilting is so stunning. I am really in awe of your skills! That looks so professional. Beautiful!

    xo -E

  5. Yummy, yummy! I need to put a Christmas quilt on my quilting bucket list, and the cranberry red fabric in this collection is perfect for the color scheme I’ve got dancing in my head. Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

    Your quilting is gorgeous! Wouldn’t know you’d had a bit of trouble. :-)

  6. Beautiful. Oh my goodness. Your quilting does look difficult so I connect with your description and you know, it’s stunning. Truly stunning. Imagining this done on your own machine just makes this unrivalled. Surely! Beautiful fabric. I’m not much for xmas but I have been wondering lately if I should make a Christmas quilt. Tossing the idea around. Your post tossed me more into the yes column but I’m fickle this week so we’ll see!

  7. Nice fabric. Love the Holly quilting on it. I think that seeing ahead to know where to quilt is the hardest thing about doing the quilting on a home machine. You did a lovely job on it.

  8. Amazing, as always. THough I am still dying over how cute the little alphabet letters are on your teacher quilt a few posts back. They may or may not have been a part of last night’s dreams….

  9. I just know I’ll love this quilt when it is revealed in its entirety. I have an obsession with Christmas fabric and anything Christmas and I love this fabric line.

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