Have you seen these Aurifil embroidery floss?

Aurifil sent me these embroidery floss a few weeks ago.  I was impressed by the fancy schmancy way the floss is packaged, unlike the regular skein-look as in the other embroidery floss normally has.  These floss are 4-stranded.  I am eager to try them out…

I think I am going to stitch my Wiehenburg contest sampler with my new fancy schmancy floss.  I am leaning toward the blue to go with my blue dishes:

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a great day.  My Christmas Whirligigs quilt is DONE.  I just have to take some pictures to be able to post some preview on my blog…. stay tuned.


9 thoughts on “Have you seen these Aurifil embroidery floss?

  1. Look forwrd to seeing what you do. Sorry my mail didnt get to you…having a problem with email – so have come to my laptop. Back still a problem and my DH not well. Andrea is fine.

  2. Love the look of that embroidery floss, I will buy some when I see it in the stores. Looking forward to your pic’s of the Christmas Whirligigs………

  3. I like how they packaged the floss too. Is it cotton floss? Looks nice and smooth. Nice little wooden spools to wind some of the other floss you have onto. Can’t wait to hear how it goes with it.

  4. Are they new? My son bought me the Aurifil suitcase for Mothers Day (which is awesome ) I just love having all the colors and different threads, but I don’t think the embroidery ones were included, I’ll have to check them out. Make sure you let us know how you liked them…

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