Done: Summer Smocked Bishop

Baby’s summer smocked bishop is now done! It turned out to be a fun little play dress. I think the bishop dresses look so much better when they are modeled. My model (aka Baby) was temporarily snatched by the nap monster while I was working on this post. I will try my best to show you the dress from different angles, without the model.

Unlike my past experienced with garment construction, I really enjoyed putting together this dress. I think maybe I am more comfortable with the process this time. I was more patient working on the different steps, whereas before I always felt like I was going to lose my cool any moment.

The smocking plate is a free plate from Creations by Michie:

The sleeves are lined with French val lace that is 1/4″ wide. I like dainty laces on little girls’ dresses:

Now my favorite part of the whole dress: the cute elephant buttons on the back of the dress. I thought they just added something totally different and unexpected to the dress! They are a bit hard to get in and out of the buttonholes. I hope Baby would be patient with us when we put the dress on her…

And I pulled these from our stash o’ bows to go with the dress.

This is my first solo garment construction effort. I was able to get the dress constructed without any major hiccups. Thanks to my dear friend Annelle, who is ever so patient with me when I make mistakes and when I ask the dumbest questions! This dress would not have happened without her superb tutelage.

Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your visits and comments! What are you doing this weekend? I think we are taking Baby to see her little friend. Have yourself a lovely weekend, would you?


41 thoughts on “Done: Summer Smocked Bishop

  1. Beautiful! I love the pink and green combination. We will start moving some furniture into the new house this weekend. It will be a slow process but at least we are making progress! Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  2. So pretty! You’ll have to take a picture with her wearing it. When my oldest was little, I made her this frilly dress in pink ginham with tons of eyelet lace with pantaloons. She loved it. It’s one of her favorite pictures.

  3. That dress is just darling. You commented yesterday that you were making them now before she got old enough to tell you she wanted store bought.

    I made dresses for my daughter when she was young. About the time she hit 2nd or 3rd grade I kept digging them out of the bottom of her armoire. Now, she tells me she used to hide them because she didn’t like wearing dresses. Too funny. It stills takes a lot to get her into a dress and she is almost 20.

  4. That is so adorable!

    I think my Saturday morning will involve working on the attic or shed, whichever hubby wants to do. I’ve been trying to get grocery shopping and other errands done beforehand so I am free for those bigger weekend projects with him in preparation for moving. Then we’re going out Sat. night for my middle son’s birthday and celebrating with presents and cake on Sunday.

  5. It is oh, so precious, Wendy! Like the others, pink and green is a favorite combination! Baby will look adorable in it and how light and cool ~ perfect for warm summer days!

  6. Oh how precious. :o) What a labor of love. :o)
    There is a new little page on my blog titled “bartering” and wanted to extend the invitation. :o) I am looking to trade fabric scraps for quality handcrafted jewelry. :o)
    Have a nice weekend.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  7. Your projects always have such amazing little details. Thanks for all the extreme close ups so that I can appreciate them. :) The dress is absolutely beautiful.

  8. Precious! A beautiful little dress…I love the smocking and the lace. You don’t fool around do you…a first solo dress with all that wonderful detailing! Impressive!

  9. so sweet. i’m tempted to try something like this for my newest girlie girl born to my son and wife last saturday. you do exquisite work!! dear hubby picked up the quilter magazine with your marabella quilt in it for me and am so excited to have a little girl to make that for. am using mostly pinks for it with some yellow, so it will be different but love the pattern and am anxious to try the appliques.

  10. OK seriously, that is adorable! I LOVE it. And the smocking is beautiful, just so pretty. I bet Babygirl looks so sweet in it! (And the little flower print is pretty cute as well :o)

  11. Your smocking skills never cease to amaze me. You do such detailed and exquisite work. This little darling dress is just adorable and sure this is going to look perfect on your daughter. I have always wanted to learn smocking but ran out of time. We’ll blame quilting… Thank you for sharing!

  12. The dress is adorable! Excellent job! Looks to me like you’ve been making garments all your life. :-)

    I can understand the trepidation though. I’m trying to make the transition from making only flat, quilty things to 3-D garments. Like you, I had to learn patience.

  13. This is your FIRST garment? For real?! It’s GORGEOUS, FLAWLESS… Now, MY first garment attempt was supposed to be a maternity dress for myself, and the fit was so horrible that I couldn’t even wear it and when it was finished, it went right into the bag of charity donations! Good for you; your little sweetie will be beautiful in this dress.

  14. Love the smocking. I used to add pretty laces to my baby girl’s dresses…until she turned into a teenager!
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  15. Oh Wendy,
    How beautiful her dress is! Excellent job! It’s so pretty and feminine….and the hair bows match perfectly! I’m sure Baby will look adorable in the dress. The elephant buttons are so cute. Thank you for sharing your photos.

    I hope you have a lovely Sunday.

  16. Your dress is so beautiful. I’ve never done smocking but just love the look. I had 4 boys so I guess smocking never came up lol.
    Today is National Ice Cream Day, so we are going out for a cone! Usually we have some from the Supermarket but today we go all out.

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