Poinsettia Parade: Sneak Peek #1

Hello, my Friends!  I hope you are doing well.  Racing against the time is currently the theme at Ivory Spring.  I immediately started on Poinsettia Parade after Autumn into Winter, and here is a sneak peek for you…

I am liking it so far!  This is a Christmas project that has the traditional theme of poinsettia and colors, but with a slightly non-traditional look because of the super bright fabrics!  Stay tuned for more pictures.  Meanwhile, I am back to getting all the blocks done before the day is over.

21 thoughts on “Poinsettia Parade: Sneak Peek #1

  1. When I first saw this on the Google Reader, it looked like the dots were lights! Love this, Wendy. What a wonderful, wonderful pattern!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Wendy, I have long felt there should be an auxillary group to the DAR for all who love to study American History and particularly this particular patriotic era and before. If I find out anything, I will certainly pass on the information.

    Thank you for your sweet comments. I had told a friend of mine the story about the Caldwells, and she thought it was interesting enough to share. I thought this might be a good time to do just that. I shared about Jesse Lane because of the tie-in with Rhonda. What I failed to share is that his ancestor, Richard Pace, along with his Indian servant Chanco were considered the heroes of Jamestown. If Richard had not been so kind to Chanco and treated him like a son, Chanco never would have divulged the secret plans for the massacre. As it was over 342 colonists were tomahawked in their beds as they slept. Rhonda’s family lived next door so I would imagine he had a chance to warn them before he rowed off to Jamestown to warn the colonists there. I think Rhonda told me that her grandmother was alone on her plantation and managed to fight off the attackers! Pretty exciting!


    Sheila :-)

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