More fabrics!

Happy Monday, Everyone.  I hope all is well with you!   I worked a little over the weekend on my Autumn into Winter project (I have some sneak peeks for you tomorrow).  But for now, I thought I would show you some gorgeous fabrics I received over the weekend.  This is the blue colorway for the Americana Collection by Benartex.

You know I love blue and white dishes, but I actually haven’t made an all blue quilt.  So, I know I will have lots of fun working with these cold world floral  beauties:

Baby has been most excited to point out the flowers to me, and then “smelling” the flowers on the fabric:

These pineapples are just perfect to go with the Americana theme, don’t you think?

You may click here to read more about my Mandarin Bouquet collection:

That’s all for now, folks.  It’s going to be a super busy week for me.  Thank you for all your comments and emails you have kindly left for me last week — my email mailbox practically exploded!  I am working slowly but surely in responding to you.  Please forgive the delay.  Meanwhile, I hope you have a wonderful week!

17 thoughts on “More fabrics!

  1. Wendy, I adore Mottahedeh, and Mandarin Bouquet is one of my favorite patterns!!! Loved this post. Love the fabrics you’ve selected, too. So cute about your little sweetie smelling the flowers! :-)



  2. Lovely fabrics, Wendy! All Benartex collections are very very nice . Nice dishes indeed : they match perfectly with the fabric!!
    Have a nice day,

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