Yucca Whimsy: Final Sneak Peeks

Happy Friday, my friends!  I hope you have had a good week.  I worked and worked and worked on getting Yucca Whimsy done this week, and I am DONE!   Fabrics used are from Benartex‘ Sew Chick collection:

I had about two days to spend on the quilting.  There really wasn’t anytime for me to mark the quilt.  So, the quilting you see was entirely free-handed with my home machine.

Yucca Whimsy is now on its way to New Jersey for a photo shoot next week.  That’s why the rush on my end.

I had initially meant for the blocks to be a grape cluster blocks, but alas, the leaves didn’t look remotely like grape leaves!  So, I started think of these blocks as the blossom clusters of a Yucca plant. :)  Whether the editor would keep “Yucca Whimsy” as the final name remains to be seen:

A few more sneak peeks:

Setting the blocks in a quilt is always a fun exercise.  One gets different looks depending on how a block is place, rotated, and etc.  These are the same blocks, but when they are rotated different, together they give a nice look!

That’s all I can show you on this quilt for now until it is officially featured in The Quilter‘s November 2010 issue.  The magazines are hitting the newsstands in September.  Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, may a lovely weekend come your way!  Thanks for stopping by.  So many of you have become such special friends – and I appreciate you greatly!

p.s. I will be making an appearance with Dan and Rhonda of Rogers Sewing Center at the Northwest Arkansas Quilt Guild meeting on June 24th at 7pm.  I would love to see you there, and I would really like you to meet my special friends Dan and Rhonda if you haven’t already!

30 thoughts on “Yucca Whimsy: Final Sneak Peeks

  1. Quilt looks great. Love how the blocks link to each other. Will keep an eye out for the magazine so I can see the whole quilt in all its glory.

  2. I love those little prints, so so cute. I just bought my first free motion foot for my machine….. I’m going to try it out tonight after bedtime. I’ll probably be emailing you with some serious questions this coming week because you do some of the most beautiful work ever. Like ever!

  3. Terrific quilt-love the applique design and the fabrics.The quilting is absolutely gorgeous! You totally inspire me to improve my skills and open my mind for free handed quilting with my home machine.

  4. What a gorgeous quilt, Wendy! Hard to believe you free-handed all that quilting – it’s so perfect! I’d love to watch you work sometime. All I can do is straight lines or loopies. Love all the clusters – did you do those by hand or machine?

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