Autumn to Winter: Sneak Peek #1

From Autumn…

To Winter…

Hi Friends! It’s hot over here, and it’s only the beginning of summer. Working on these fabrics from “Autumn into Winter” collection by RJR. The prints on these fabrics are absolutely GORGEOUS! I can see using them for tablecloths, window treatments to suit your holiday mood! Working on these fabrics makes me long for cooler days…

This is another project with room I am working on for The Quilter. It is scheduled for feature in their November 2010.  The signature blocks allow for some really fun personalization!  Come back later to see how I have personalized this quilt!

Meanwhile, I hope you have a lovely week ahead.

18 thoughts on “Autumn to Winter: Sneak Peek #1

  1. Autumn to Winter? Boy the seasons past fast.

    Love the shapes of the blocks – totally has that ‘autumn to winter’ feel. Can’t wait to see the quilt work.

  2. Beautiful blocks! I love the signature area. I find most signature blocks a bit boring, but yours are simply lovely. You are so good with design.

  3. Hi Wendy,

    you are absolutely right: the prints are just GREAT!!!! But your work is SUPER GREAT !. I love the leaves , it is one my favoruite subjects for quilting and patchwork … I cannot say it makes me feel like wishing Fall soon, someone coyuld kill me for that ( about 6 months of winter we had!!) but in any case the subject is very charming and … cosy….
    Kiss, glò

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  5. I recently started quilting and to help me the ladies at work gave me piles of their old quilt magazines. Of them all, the cover with the scattered leaves quilt really popped out at me. I just had to have it! Even though the fabrics are over four years old I was able to still get some of them and I am still looking for the rest. Got any ideas where I might find them? That one picture you have of all the fabrics I cut off. Do you have the full view? I was thinking maybe I could match something and get close.

    I can’t leave without adding that you have created the absolutely most beautiful quilt. And to have it on a magazine cover is so deserving. Congratulations from me four years later, lol.

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