Yucca Whimsy: Sneak Peek #2

Good day, my friends.  I thank you again for stopping by…

My Yucca Whimsy blocks gave me FITS a couple of nights ago, and just sent me into the depths of despair. The bottom curvy stems didn’t quite match up when I put the blocks together. Sorry, no pictures were taken as I was too caught up in my despair.

So, I went to sleep. I spent the next day doing some minor surgery on the quilt top. I took the stitches out of the ends of the curvy stems, and matched them up, applied my hot iron, and stitched them in place! Voila – the stems are now continuous!

You can see bunny can even drive her car along the “track” without any mishaps due to mis-matched tracks:

I was quite happy about the happy ending, at least for now.  I can have a better attitude going into my weekend! I hope you have a great weekend – any special plans at your end? I think Baby and I are going do some finger/hand painting for a Father’s Day card, and home-made Thank-You’s.

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