Introducing THREAD TALK from my sewing machine

I have been asked by several to share my free-motion quilting tips from time to time. So, the idea to do a series of mini-tutorials has been brewing for a long time in my little head. Thanks to Natima (she is officially my enabler when it comes to quilting!) and Dena for their encouragement, I shall attempt to share tidbits here and there to hopefully motivate you to try free-motion quilting on your home machine (if you have never tried it).

My methodology is by no means absolute. One thing I have come to love about quilting is that different quilters have different ways of doing things. So, you might find things I do work for you, or you might not. In either case, I hope you would enjoy this series of post in the coming weeks and months. The first post will be up on 6/10/2010.

Now for the fine print,

I would like you to respect my rights to the contents of these posts. The posts are made available for your personal use only. You are free to link back to this site when referencing any information. Please do not reproduce in any way without written permission from me.



13 thoughts on “Introducing THREAD TALK from my sewing machine

  1. Perfect idea even for those, as me, are not so skillful in quilting but it’s great to watch your work and follow yr instructions and tips!
    Thanks , Wendy, ciao gloria

  2. Oh boy! I’ll be devouring every detail, I have admired your quilting for a very long time and strive to be half as good as you. I have to say that all my striving is paying off and I am doing better and better…now if I could only afford a Bernina and have a stitch regulator…hmmm

  3. Oh Wendy, thanks so much for doing this. I will look forward to each installment. This is just what I needed to “take the plunge” and try some of this. You will inspire and motivate so many people. Our gifts and talents only increase as we share them with others Bless you!

  4. I am VERY excited about this! I look all over all the time for information like this and find very little. I will definitely be back on the 10th and THANK YOU!

  5. Your quilting is to die for Wendy – and its greatly appreciated that you take the time to let us know what you do and to share your knowledge. I will be in Perth till Saturday so I will check when I can – but be sure – I will :) THank you so much!

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