A Bronte Treat

I admit I am a fair-weather reader. My philosophy on reading is that if a book is not too captivating for me, I would just move on to the next book — there are just too many good books out there to be uncovered!

I found “Romancing Miss Bronte” by Juliet Gael a couple of weeks ago at the library. Even though I am not particularly a Bronte fan, I have enjoyed reading the story of her life. I am currently about 1/3 through the book, and am expecting more exciting things to come in Charlotte’s life. I imagine this book would be quite a treat for those who are Eyre/Bronte fans. :)

From www.romancingmissbronte.com,

“In this masterful novel of historical fiction, Juliet Gael skillfully and stylishly captures the passions, hopes, dreams and sorrows of literature’s most famous sisters–and imagines how love dramatically and most unexpectantly found Charlotte Brontë.”…

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your summer reading, no matter what you are reading at the moment. This curious mind would like to know what you are reading right at the moment… :)

11 thoughts on “A Bronte Treat

  1. I had a rare moment staying up till after 11:00 last night finishing a book by Laura Childs. She writes Tea mysteries and other stuff. The book I finished was a murder mystery called Eggs in Purgatory :0)
    It was good…

  2. I’m the same way with books. I have a book shelf full of books that are barely touched because 2 chapters of the way through I have to stop – not interesting, too slow, etc.

    Maybe I’ll pick this one up at the library :).

  3. Okay, you talked me into reading this book. I just downloaded chapter one to read and see if it will capture my imagination enough to get my library to buy it – thanks for sharing as always – hugs Natima

  4. That looks like it might be a good book. I’m reading a book called Detour about a lady doctor to the Amish who has an accident and becomes a quadriplegic (a true story) plus Hope and Help For Your Nerves. I have Jane Austen’s Emma waiting next in line — I read it back in college and have been wanting to read it again since the latest PBS version on TV.

  5. Hi Wendy! Nice to hear you are having fun reading about one the Bronte sisters! I have read twice Charlotte’s “Jane Eyre” which I ‘d suggest you cause very involving novel dating back to English society of 1845-50 .
    And if you wish , you can also get through “Wuthering Heights”, Emily Bronte’s most famous novel: it’s just great!.
    I am presently reading a book of an Italian female writer about Sicily after WW 2 but I am quite anxious to buy the new novel by Anne Tyler , my favourite contemporary writer
    ciao !gloria

  6. I agree – if a book doesn’t captivate me, I don’t continue. Too many books, too little time! I just finished A Reliable Wife – very good! I’m almost finished Hillbilly Gothic (a memoir, I read a lot of those) and Quinn Cumming’s Notes from the Underwire.

  7. Reading is my favorite past time. I’ll admit, I read a lot of genre fiction–mysteries, sci-fi, even the occasional western. However, I enjoy some literary works too. Thanks for the heads up.

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