Summer Smocking DONE!

The smocking on the summer playdress I am making for Baby is done.   I used the free smocking plate on Creations by Michie.  This is the smocking before I took the dress off the smocking board:

This is what it looks like after the little flowerettes were added.  I REALLY like the scallop effect of the last two rows:

I thought I would show you a few things I do to make smocking easier for me when I smock a bishop on the smocking board.

1. I mark the center two pleats with a pin.  The pin stays there as long as the dress is pinned on the smocking board.  That way, I don’t have to search for the center marked with the fabric marker prior to pleating if I ever have to reference the center at any point during the smocking process:

2.  I always smock multiple rows at a time to check that my counting is correcting during the smocking process.  There is nothing more annoying to have take out stitches in the previously stitched row when I realize I have made a mistake somewhere in the previous row while stitching a current row.   So I have started stitching at least three rows at one time.

3.  I have a magnet in the center of the board to keep my needles.  I placed a thumb tack in the center, and then, a small magnet on top for a make-shift pin-cushion to keep track of my multiple needles.  Works out wonderfully for me.

4.  I also use these nifty 1/2″ applique pins made by Clover to pin my dress to the the board instead of the smocking pins with the orange tops.  The tops come off too easily for me when I I pull them out.  The applique pins work out splendidly for me, and I think I got 100 of them for under $5.

Now, it’s time to construct the garment – not my favorite thing to do for those of you who have known me for a while.  But I shall persevere.  And, Annelle, guess who’s going to beat down your door for a visit in the very near future..?! ;)

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely start to another new week.


14 thoughts on “Summer Smocking DONE!

  1. Oh – you are a clever cookie…I certainly wouldnt have the patience for that…Wonderful work Wendy. You do all your work so well .. I am really Impressed – What a lucky young lady Baby is :)

  2. You´re so talented to sew these smock…
    Its very pretty and wish I could learn to do the same.
    Your babygirl are so lucky to have you as mom.
    Hugs from Helle

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