Civil War Bride Quilt & Ivory Spring’s definition of “progress”

The widespread application of the steam engines was considered a great stride in the progress of human history. It fueled the Industrial Revolution in the West that forever changed the social landscape of the world.

Railway Steam Engine from

The successful voyage to the moon was considered a huge progress in human history for no one prior to that had ever been to the moon:

Well, let me assure you that the definition of “progress” is no where as lofty! In fact, I am even embarrassed to call it progress. But I do want to show you the pieces I have successfully appliqued to the first block of my Civil War Bride quilt.

From eons ago:

After 4 hours of work this past weekend preparing the pieces, doing the applique by hand, re-doing the applique because I was not happy with a particular shade of green and had to hunt for a more suitable fabric:

Some of you seasoned hand applique-ers will laugh at me because I really don’t have much to show for 4 hours. I am a newbie in hand applique and am terribly slow in handwork:

Baby steps is my motto. We often forget the eventual use of steam engines and the voyage to the moon were in themselves the culmination of countless baby steps… so, we don’t ever have to be ashamed of our WIP’s (work-in-progress). Well, it might be sheepish for us to admit the number of WIP’s we have, but we should never have to be embarrassed about them as long as we keep on working on them. So, my dear friends…. do you harbor any WIP’s? If so, what is your favorite WIP project? If you would further delight us, how many irons do you have burning in the fire at the moment?

Thanks for stopping by. I will have pictures of my WIP’s to show you as the week unfolds, but I do have a finish to show you this Friday. Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Civil War Bride Quilt & Ivory Spring’s definition of “progress”

  1. Just how much time do you have, if you were to receive a litany of my WIPs? There’s the red merino wool shawl that I only knit on in late summer….that’s when I get to thinking about the coming chilly weather and how nice it would be to have it completed and WEAR it. But after a few weeks, I put it aside and move on to something that can be finished right away. There’s my 18-month-old Addie’s Christmas stocking that is nearly done. The other three grands, along with their mamas and papas, have nicely completed stocking that are rapidly becoming vintage after years of use. But poor little Addie has had to endure two Christmases stocking-less…not that she has known, but I knew! I WILL finish it this summer! And the beautiful pieces of Civil War repro fabrics for my first Civil War quilt….the fabric is washed and ironed and ready to cut…but alas, no cutting has occurred. There’s a red ticking-stripe apron with a yo-yo Christmas tree…..and a table runner for my dear young friend who will celebrate her first anniversary in September….THAT is when I’ll give it to her, once it is quilted…the piecing is done and I need to find my thimble…
    Remember, you asked for this! :)

  2. We were just talking tonight about what a marvel it was for people to invent engines, etc. — step by step trying different things to get the right combination of processes.

    Your applique looks good do far.

    WIPs — well, I have a cross stitch project I haven’t picked up in months, another finished one that I have yet to get framed, fabric for curtains for the family room that I have not yet started (mainly due to indecision about exactly what to do), boxes of photos to put in albums, including some old ones of my family and my husband’s family…..just for starters. :)

  3. For four hours, that’s pretty good, Wendy! Speed is not the issue when you are doing hand applique. Enjoy the ride, relax, let your mind go places and just let things happen.

  4. Since I don’t sew, knit, crochet, or do any needle work I have no WIP’s of that variety. I do have unfinished organization projects going on…
    Love the applique work Wendy…

  5. Nearly missed this important post on CWBQ first block. Well, congratulations on starting hand appliqué. Not bad for the first try. You will get better. I like the color you have chosen.
    I’m only completed 5 out of 20 blocks so you will catch up with me in 4 blocks – Hugs Nat

  6. excellent applique work, Wendy! I like that Civil War period although a rather bloody and mourning one.
    I wanted to experience a little a quilt or applique work made with fabrics from Reproduction , perhaps making something using fabrics of the end of 1700 or early 1800
    Brava! good job and carry on with it … I want to see the final step !
    hugs , gloria

  7. Well I think you did great, Wendy – slow and steady wins the race! I’m more the quick start, let it languish for years type myself. The more you do it, the quicker it goes. Uh, so I’ve been told.

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