Choo-choo-ing to a birthday party!

I can’t take credit for these adorable birthday party invitations. My sister (who claims that she is not artistic) had handmade the invitation for her godson’s birthday party:

She was such a good sport in making forty of these:

I thought they were perfect for a little boy’s birthday party!!

Look at these felt muffins with the three-dimensional trains:

And she said she isn’t artistic?! Give me a break, sis! :)

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you a very Happy Monday!

25 thoughts on “Choo-choo-ing to a birthday party!

  1. Typing with one hand while eating toast before work is NOT the thing to do…wonky bit was ment to read and so many…She is a clever person…and indeed arty :)

  2. Isn’t she artistic? Igot quite a problem to share her opinion cause she ‘s talented and she has got a nice hand and fantasy!
    I love the little train , looks cute! Tell her to carry on that way and we’ll see tremendous items!
    ciaooooo, glò

  3. I love the Choo Choo inviations, your sister is very artistic. I did things like this for our Grandsons, have five and one girl. Ruby from sunny Florida

  4. What lovely party invites and cute, cute felt cupcakes. Yep, I’d say your sister is artistic!
    The Tattered Tassel

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