Busy quilting, and quilting busy!

I have been averaging about one quilt every 8 or 9 days!  So, I have been busy.  I have been keeping myself busy so that I don’t fall too hard behind for the other magazine quilts that are in the queue waiting to be made.  I had told you I liked this leaf fabric from RJR’s Summer Solstice collection.

So, it is making an appearance in the border as well:

I do not submit quilts that are just quilted down with large stipples.  I always put some thought into the quilting to make each of my quilts special.  I did a couple of test samples this morning on this busy fabric.  I know that feathers (as much as I love them) would not do very well for the super busy and bright print.  And I really don’t have time to do a lot of marking… so, I look for quilting ideas from the fabric itself.  I “traced” the flowers, and added the veins in between the lines that are already printed on the fabric.  I think I like the effect:

[Tip for quilters:  When you find yourself at a loss of what to quilt, the quilting motif may be staring you right in the face on the fabric itself.  Another example can be seen by clicking here.]

Thanks for stopping by.  It’s a busy week for me, and I am sure it will be many of you.  But I hope you still take time to enjoy the blessings of the Holy Week.

11 thoughts on “Busy quilting, and quilting busy!

  1. What a great idea — it really is perfect for this fabric! Do you go back, after quilting, and bury all your thread ends?

  2. I would also like to know what you do with all your ends? The quilt is looking wonderful and very special! The fabric is really highlighted and the quillting is a great focus. The fabrics have come together beautifully. I have no idea how you accomplish all that you do! Great Work!

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