Mary Wigham: Part 13 & Birth Sampler: Part 1

Good day, my Friends! There’s really nothing much to see here — but I thought I would show you my turtle-paced progress on my Quaker samplers.

Completed Mary Wigham

Completed Mary Wigham

Here is a quick peek on my Mary Wigham. Stitching the white on the lambswool linen was quite challenging in that it was hard to see the white against the light background. But I love the lacy effect!

Now, as if I need yet another work in progress (right!)… I am showing a teeny bit of progress on Baby’s birth sampler. A dear friend (for whom Baby’s middle name is named) had bought the sampler chart for Baby’s birthday. I want to get started on the sampler right away so that I can show this dear lady the progress of Baby’s sampler chart whenever we visit her… the colors are inspired by Baby’s Birthplate/Porringer:

I have been doing some research on the meaning of sampler motifs.  I am keeping a log to document the meanings of the different motifs stitched in this sampler so that I can use the meanings of the motifs to pray for Baby.  Baby will eventually be gifted with the sampler and the journal.

I found out that tulips in samplers mean “perfect love”. I am praying that baby would grow up knowing that she is loved, and that she would know the  Perfect Love and the source thereof.  Now, I can’t quite figure out what that orange-y peach flower is.  I am wondering if any of you might have an idea so that I can attempt to find the significance associated to that motif.

Those who are regulars here know that garment construction and I are like oil and water!!! Putting Baby’s dresses together inevitably turns into a saga, almost every time… I messed up on the armholes on the back skirt – that’s after I painstaking put in the placket and gathered one half of the skirt that I realized the armholes were wrongly drawn and cut. *sigh* So, I am taking stitches out and starting again!

Other than that, my Summer Solstice quilt is all put together. I am hoping to get started on quilting it within the next day or two (after I successfully put that Easter dress together, of course!  HAHAHAHA!).

I hope to have pictures showing REAL progress for you very soon! Thanks for stopping by – have a lovely day!

8 thoughts on “Mary Wigham: Part 13 & Birth Sampler: Part 1

  1. Your sampler is really coming along – I love the white but can’t imagine trying to see it to stitch. Baby’s sampler is darling, that peach flower looks like it might be a daisy. Good for you for making that dress – baby would need 3 arms if I made it. It’s a beauty! Love the fabrics in your quilt.

  2. Beautiful sampler Wendy, Looks to be such tiny neat. The dress will work …think positive…I am hoping to see it soon. Quilt is looking great – I am really looking forwad to seeing the quilting as you go further along with it. Hugs to Baby.

  3. You are so talented, Wendy! I love what you do.

    I wish I could identify that flower, but I’m not sure. Hopefully, someone can tell you what it is. I love the language of flowers, and I have special favorites that make me happy!



  4. If you lived in Virginia you could come to my house and I could help you with the garment constructions! Then I could gift you my hideous cat cross stitch and you could finish it for me. lol!

    If you are not blind from the white stitching, you never will be!

  5. The white stitching on your Mary Wigham gives a lovely effect. I still can’t get over you’re doing that 1 over 1. I’d be blind!

    Lovely bright colours for your Summer Solstice quilt! I love it!

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