Sniff, sniff…

Good day, Everyone!  I hope you had a good weekend.  I was able to squeeze in some reading and needlework this week.  That was nice.  Despite the nippy Sunday we had, I think spring is just right around the corner…. I can almost sniff it in the air:

Although we have known to have snow in March in the past, but I hope not.  Now, won’t you join me for a light tea?

I have in my queue 6 magazine quilts to complete.  So, it’s not hard for you to guess what I will be doing this week, is it?! :)  Have a great start to your week, everyone.  I will catch up with you later…

p.s.  You may click here to see the quilt in these pictures.


13 thoughts on “Sniff, sniff…

  1. I have had those moments of being almost able to smell spring. So exciting! Then yesterday I found a few ants and a spider in the house and was reminded of a few disadvantages of spring…but I will keep focusing on the positive!

    6 quilts! And I am too intimidated to even start one! I have been thinking of trying to find a simple pattern because I can’t find a quilt or bedspread I like on the colors I want.

    Have a great week!

  2. Almost here – it’ll be in the 60’s this coming week! Yay! Your table looks SO inviting, Wendy! Wow, 6 magazines – yes, you’ll be busy. Try to get outside a bit, ok?

  3. Hi Wendy.
    Lovely blues on your table.
    I was at a Quilt and Textile museum in an old mansion this weekend and I’ll email you some photos of some of the quilts. There were traditional ones and then some artsy ones and modern ones. A couple Bible ones were pretty cool…
    Have a good week…

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