Friday wrap-up

I had every intention to show you snippets of the flannel baby quilt tops I finished this week.  I had to make a blue and pink version.  But I forgot to take pictures of the quilt tops before I basted the quilt for quilting.  Right now, the quilt sandwiches are covered with pins – not a very pleasant sight.  So, I will wait till next Friday to show you the finished quilts.  I do have two finishes I had completed a while back that I just got back from the editor (click on the links for closeup pictures):

Twilight Trails

Sweet Picket Fence

I also just received more BEAUTIFUL fabrics from RJR for a future quilt.

What a fast week I have had!!!  I still have a lot more to get done before another new week is upon us.  So, I’d better get busy here!  Have a blessed weekend!

21 thoughts on “Friday wrap-up

  1. Oooh — that fabric with the fall leaves in reds and oranges looks like fun!!!
    And, of course, your finished quilts are beautiful!!

  2. Gorgeous quilts. And that new fabric is amazing. Can’t wait till we see what you do with it. Do you draft your patterns before they send you fabric? Or do you have to come up with a pattern now after you’ve seen the fabric?

  3. Hi Wendy,
    Such beautiful quilts…I love the Twilight Trails quilt. The fall fabric is lovely too, all so colorful.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! (Try not to work too hard.)

  4. Great finishes. I am particularly drawn to Twilight Trails. What gorgeous colours and your design makes the most of those colours.

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