Sweet Picket Fence in THE QUILTER (May 2010)

Good morning, dear Friends! I can almost feel the advent of spring in my neck of the woods!!! We have had warmer days. It was 6:30pm the other night when we were out driving, and it wasn’t even dark… spring is almost here. The anticipation is building up, especially when I look at my Sweet Picket Fence quilt!

This quilt is also featured in the current issue of The Quilter magazine, along with Twilight Trails. The fabrics used are from Henry Glass‘ Simply Sweet Collection. The farbics really ARE sweet:

Can you spot the picket fence fencing in the cute little flower plots? Kits to replicate the quilt are available from Heartbeat Quilts:

I opted for an allover feather and curly-Q background quilting for the quilt:

Quilting was done over the Tuscany Silk Batt by Hobbs using Aurifil Mako 50 100% Cotton Thread (Color 2024) for my top and bobbin threads:

The back of the quilt looks like this:

I really enjoyed working on this quilt. I especially love the polka dotted picket fence:

I hope your spring garden plots would be as sweet as these sweet fabrics these year that butterflies would be knocking down your picket fence to get in! ;)

Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely and sweet day!

46 thoughts on “Sweet Picket Fence in THE QUILTER (May 2010)

  1. It’s beautiful as always. I love the backing fabric too. Cute birds in blue. Glad Spring is almost there for you. We are looking forward to a cooler weather here in Australia.
    Hugs Natima

  2. You used really really cute fabric!! I especially like the effect of the poka-dots with the flowery quilting pattern! And one of the fabrics remind me of cherries, haha :) Very very nice quilt!!

  3. Beautiful quilt. OOOOHHH! I love the backing fabric – well they are all cute, but that backing fabric would be so cute for a dress for our grandbaby girl! Pair it up with one or two of the coordinating fabrics and it would be too cute!!!

  4. Oh my dear sweet, tell me this is the NEVERLAND I often heard about when I was young…bright, beautiful and soft…lovely indeed. You captured her fabrics sew nicely.
    blessings madame samm

  5. I ordered both kits that are in the magazine and even subscribed to it.. I can’t get the magazine here and was wondering if I could get a copy of the directions? I have to wait 8 to 10 weeks for the magazine to arrive and I didn’t want to wait that long.

  6. simply sweet is more than that! words cannot express the talent behind the creation, hers and yours.
    Capital D. for delicious
    cheerio m

  7. Very beautiful quilt, indeed! you did a wonderful job, chosing nice fabrics and working on it with rare skillfulmness!
    Decorating home qith such a nice quilt brings sping time even during a winter storm.

    P.S. by the way, thanks to have visited my liittle blog!

  8. First the quilt is fantastic and I love the colors. So sweet is right.. Thanks also for stopping at my blog.. Love your blog and will visit often..

  9. Fabulous! Your workmanship never ceases to amaze me. I love the addition of the butterflies. This is truly an amazing quilt with exquisite stitching.

  10. That’s adorable! A picket fence is a perfect motif for a quilt, and this one looks so bright and springlike. The fabrics are very cute, too, and I love the butterflies! (Also, thanks for visiting my blog and cfor your kind words on my spiderweb block.)

  11. I love the picket fence! What a great idea.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my Christmas spiderweb. I wish I could reply to your comments but you need to adjust your blogger settings so that there is a return email.

  12. Now that is a darling quilt! Love this, Wendy. The colors are stunning.

    Hoping to be back to blogging soon. I am going to ride herd on my workmen tomorrow and hope they finish. It will likely be next week, and then a new crew come in at some point.

    Love to you…


    Sheila :-)

  13. Wow, girl, that is SOME machine-quilting !
    You do that yourself? I take it you have a long-arm machine?
    I need to take some time to look around this blog of yours a little longer. I’m thinkin’ I might find more pretty work !
    Thanks for stoppin’ by my place, too…….come by anytime !

    • I have not done this for myself but I have been told by friends that it can be really beneficial. Where can I discover even more on this topic? You really seem to know a lot on this topic. I think the admin of this website is really working too hard. Kids today really should pay close attention to this sort of data or they are going to have a really difficult later on in their life. I might not understand a whole lot on the subject matter but I will come back to this website so I can discover more.

  14. Dear Wendy,
    I wanted to thank you for leaving me a message on my blog. I hope you will enjoy the teacups pattern.

    So glad you popped by my blog… it’s certainly been a pleasure dropping by yours.

    A beautiful beautiful quilt and such lovely colours.
    Lovely to meet you.

    Robyn xx

  15. This looks great! I just saw the magazine at Joanne’s. You really put a lot of work into these quilts! I love seeing the detail here! What a wonderful career!

  16. I’m so glad you found my blog so I could find yours. Congratulations on having your quilt in the magazine. It is a beautiful quilt and the quilting on it is stunning. Love that tea cup set too!

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