Babies wear white

I started to prepare the heirloom dresses Baby has worn in her first year for storage. There are a couple she is still able to wear, but the earlier dresses are now ready for storage. It was a time of reflection for me as I thought about Baby’s life this past year. I tried as much as I could adhering to the “babies wear white” tradition in the dresses I have made here. So, most of her “important” dresses have been made in white. Here are snippets of those dresses…

Her “coming out” dress when she was a month old:

A breathtaking dedication gown (made and given by a dear friend):

A smocked layette Baby wore for Easter and Mother’s Day:

I had made this bishop years before Baby was born, and definitely way before I knew we would have a girl. I was only hoping we would have a girl eventually when I made this:

We had a few colored heirloom outfits in between which I won’t include in this post. Here is what Baby wore for Christmas:

And this is Baby’s latest white gown, which she had worn for her birthday. Well, if Mama here doesn’t get with the program, Baby might be wearing this too for Easter this year…

I just love seeing babies in white. So, I don’t think I will stop making white dresses for Baby just because she is more grown up now…. but first, I am going to try to finish up her Easter dress this year, and it’s not going to be white! Stay tuned.

p.s.  Click here if you are interested in seeing these dresses in a more detailed manner.

11 thoughts on “Babies wear white

  1. These are just breath-taking!!! I don’t think I would store them, I’d have to frame them. You’re making me wish I had a baby girl, lol – maybe I’ll get a grand-daughter!

  2. i love smocking and you do such good work! Where did your friend get the pattern for the dedication dress in this post. It is beautiful!

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