Baby Safari

I have never been an outdoorsy kind of gal, even when I was young.  My kind of being outdoors was just playing with my cousins in the yard and making mud cakes.  So, needless to say, normally a safari-sh theme wouldn’t excite me too much All that said, I did fall in love with these baby safari fabrics!  And I am super EXCITED about them:

The baby girlishness is making me melt:

These flannels are from the Baobab collection by RJR, to be released in September this year.  I am making baby quilts from these fabrics that are going to be featured in Fons & Porter later this year.  Being in Fons & Porter is another FIRST for me!  I will be working on these quilts sometime next week.  So stay tuned for pictures — I will be doing things that are somewhat extra-ordinary with some of the fabrics:

So, if you are thinking to make a baby quilt in the near future — you might want to wait for the Baobab fabrics to be released.  RJR has another more gender-neutral color way for these fabrics, and I am telling you, they are just as DARLING!

EXCITING!  I will be interviewing a representative from RJR Fabrics on some interesting behind-the-scenes fun facts in fabric production.  I invite you to send in your questions for Beatriz in the next couple of days as she and I work to bring  you some interesting information.  You can email me your question, or you can just ask the question in the comment section of this post.

15 thoughts on “Baby Safari

  1. Oh! these fabrics will be so great for baby quilts…
    I’m more of a play in the yard with my cousins experienced kid, too, including mud pies. Safaris have never been an adventure goal of mine :0)

  2. I love those fabrics!! They are adorable. Congratulations on having a quilt appear in Fons and Porter!!
    I would love to know what RJR (and others, for that matter) do to try to ensure their fabrics don’t bleed.

  3. Love the baby fabrics. How exciting you are going to be feature in Fons & Porte, I love that magazine!!! Congratulations by the way. I know you are famous, but you are nice – Hugs Natima

  4. Those are so cute! I love pink and brown together. It will be fun to see what you do with them.

    I’d love to know how fabrics go from idea to actual prints, and if it is possible for just an average person not in the fabric business to get fabric made in a particular design.

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