Pieceful Garden in UK’s Popular Patchwork (March 2010)

I had my first successful trans-Atlantic venture! Pieceful Garden is out in the March 2010 Issue of Popular Patchwork. I am so excited!! I hope this is a sign of many more successful ventures in the future. Popular Patchwork magazines are definitely available at your local Barnes and Noble bookstores. Grab your copy today!

Pieceful Garden appeared two years ago in The Quilter. I hope it will now also be a delightful project for quilters in the UK:

Some closeups of the quilting — done with YLI silk over Hobbs Tuscany Wool batt (or wadding for the UK quilters). The quilting was all done free-hand without any prior marking:

A bird’s eye view of the quilting on the back of the quilt:

The back of the quilt illuminated by a table lamp:

The “secret weapon” I use for all my quilting is revealed:

Being published in the UK has been such a milestone for me. As with all my published quilts, this is another tribute to my quilting teacher, Barbara. Without her, I would not have even known the quilting bug had been lying dormant within me all these years. :) I also want to thank Jane, Popular Patchwork’s editor for affording me the opportunity to publish in her magazine.

This is also a great time for me to thank my great friends at Rogers Sewing Center. Dan Adams and Rhonda Guinn have been remarkably supportive in my endeavors. My machine practically SINGS after each “spa visit” to the Sewing Center! :) Sewing ladies — do drop by your dealers’ and say hi to those who take care of your machines if you get a chance! Better yet, if you are ever in the vicinity of Northwest Arkansas, stop by Rogers Sewing Center and tell them I have sent you! :)

Click on the pictures below for some scrap projects I have done with the fabrics that went into Pieceful Garden:

I hope you have had a good visit! Thank you so much for visiting. I love getting your comments. Do drop me a line so that I can visit you back!

I wish you splendid start to a new week!

53 thoughts on “Pieceful Garden in UK’s Popular Patchwork (March 2010)

  1. Oh wow Wendy, congratulations! What a beautiful work of art. Not only the piecing but the quilting is outstanding. Wish I could have a lesson with your teacher ;-) I will have to look for the magazine, as I have never seen this publication before.

  2. It´s absolutely stunned! Wow…so beautiful work you have done in that quilt. Youre are really good to machine quilt – thought first it was made by a longarm, but no…fantastic!
    Gratulations with the transanlantic venture – I understand youre proud.
    The quilt its really really beautiful and I am so much in love with the quilting motifts you used.
    I will try to get the magazine from UK.
    HUgs from Helle

  3. Oh, how I love that quilt! I can’t decide which I like better~the front or the back! Congratulations, Wendy! I’ve always thought you and your quilts were world class!

  4. Congrats on getting published in the UK!! You must be floating on cloud 9 :)

    I didn’t realize you did all of that beautiful quilting on your home machine! wOw!!! you are amazing :)

    Bask in the glow…… yay!


  5. Wow, Wendy! Congratulations! All of us, even us past-time quilters, are envious. We would love to just have a small part of the success you have achieved (especially me!) Beautiful quilt and a wonderful job!

  6. Many congratulations Wendy, how exciting, your quilt is so gorgeous, I will pick up a copy of this magazine. I have always been fascinated by quilting and like the article says, this would be a perfect gift for Mother’s day (mid March here in the UK). The details on your quilts are so beautiful. :-) Kathy.

  7. What a beautiful quilt. I love those colors and the fabric. I do my quilts by machine and cannot imagine how you do it. I would love to be able to do that. Do you roll your quilt on the side where the machine is while you quilt? I just don’t see how you can move the quilt freely enough to make those beautiful feathers, etc. Do you have a picture of your set up?

    If I could learn to quilt like you do by visiting the Rogers Sewing Center I would go in a minute. ( :

  8. I love, love, love the back of the quilt! It is exquisite! Front is pretty too. By the way, I added a “fun blogs to visit” to my blog and put you on there. If you begin your post with a picture instead of words, then your pretty picture shows up on my blog!

  9. Congratulations on being published internationally! That quilt is absolutely amazing – I can’t believe you did that on your home machine, I think I need to come visit and take lessons from you! WOW.

  10. Gorgeous work, Wendy, and congrats! :-)

    I am going to spend more time admiring your quilts when I get back. I haven’t even unpacked, and I’m out the door again!


    Sheila :-)

  11. Congrats on opening a new market for your work! The UK readers will love what you do (if they are not already familiar with it from your blog).

    The quilting – OMG – gorgeous! I’m glad you showed the clip from the magazine where you mentioned you use Hobbs Wool batt. I just recently purchased some to try it and now I really look forward to using it after seeing your work.

    Another great quilt!!

  12. What a wonderful accomplishment Wendy. Your quilts are always wonderful! I can’t believe that you do these on your sewing machine though. What a feat and what beautiful results you get!!

  13. What an incredible site you have. Congratulations on you magazine article. WHAT a beeeautiful quilt. Your quilting is exquisite. Do you always use a plain muslin backing? It certainly shows up your quilting to perfection. I am just trying to get my freehand quilting going…and I know what hard work it is. You are lucky you had a great teacher. I have Diane Gaudinsky’s book and am trying to achieve with that.
    I will certainly be checking the rest of your site, later when I have more time…just wodnerful – I so enjoyed my visit!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

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  15. I’m using the Hobbs wool for the first time and I really love it, it’s so light. The Piecefull Garden quilt is one of my favourites and the quilting on it makes me want to go stitch on the machine. Thanks for another wonderfully informative post and you deserved the accolades from being published, congratulations.
    When you do the feathers all over, I would love to know how to tackle going from one to another and also how to put that wonderful swirl at the bottoms.

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