Cascade of Leaves Sneak Peek #2

Happy Monday, Everyone! How was your weekend? We actually had a sunny day last Saturday. I enjoyed being out… at the local library! ;) Libraries are one of my favorite places to go. I love the feeling of being “drowned” by aisles and aisles of books… I also got some more work done on Cascade of Leaves:

Working on these fall-themed leaves is making my sense of the seaons really messed up! I feel a bit off working on these leaves in the dead of winter.  But I do like the look of the quilt so far.

The quilt is due at the editor’s desk in about 10 days. So, I’d better get busy and back to work! Thanks for stopping by. Have a productive week!  My new week will consist of work, work, and more work (okay, and some designing on the computer…)

8 thoughts on “Cascade of Leaves Sneak Peek #2

  1. Is the shadow part of the design or just a shadow? It’s a cool effect.

    I can imagine how working on an off-season quilt can throw your sense of seasons! When I am working weeks and months ahead on plans for our ladies’ group, I get a similar sensation.

  2. Your leaf really floats! Took me a second to realize that there was a shadow appliqued :) I can hardly wait to see the finished project-these sneak peaks are sheer torture! Looking forward to the release of Silk Road, too.

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