Marabella Sneak Peek #3

Good day, Friends. This week I was able to finish my Marabella quilt for The Quilter. I took some pictures before sending the quilt off to the editor. One final thing I did was to attach the ribbon bows onto the vases to add a little special something to the block:

This quilt is made with Henry Glass‘ Marabella fabrics. It will be featured in the July ’10 issue of The Quilter.

I did some “apple core” quilting after reading Diane Gaudynski’s post about it on her blog:

Some more quilting pictures here. I do all my quilting on my home machine, no long arm here:

I will show you the quilt in its entirety once the magazine hits the newsstand in May! Meanwhile, have a happy weekend! :) I will be busy working to meet yet another deadline…

35 thoughts on “Marabella Sneak Peek #3

  1. What a cute detail with the bow and youΒ΄re really good at machine quilting – wish I could do the same. I have buy books with free motion quilting technics but have still not been ready to take the step to try.
    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful :-)

  2. Adding the bow to the vases is a wonderful little touch! Love it. Your machine quilting is astounding — I can’t even begin to imagine how you manage that!

  3. What a beautiful quilt! There is so much to look at with this quilt and the fact that you did that quilting on a regular machine is amazing.

  4. Hi Wendy, Sorry I haven’t visited for awhile, I have had a lot on my plate lately.
    Oh what a beautiful quilt. Your quilting is really amazing. I agree with the other girls about being able to do it on your home machine.
    You are such a talented girl. How is Red? – Sandra.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. What a pretty quilt. It reminds me of springtime. I love the bows in the vases. Your quilting is great. No way I could do that on my machine. Thanks for sharing.

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