Would you like a cuppa while…

…. while we admire some newly arrived fabrics?!

I received these fabrics yesterday. They are from SILK ROAD collection, to be released soon by Benartex. Do check their website for updates.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these fabrics. These are going to be used in a fall pieced / applique quilt coming out in the October 2010 issue of Quilter’s World. I am chomping at the bit to get started with this quilt, which will be within the next day!!

I had purchase two sets of these antique Spode cups and saucers. Pattern is unknown to me. But one set was broken into pieces en route to me. So, I have this lone set of white/gold cup and saucer. I am not really a white person. Most of my dishes have busy patterns – the busier the better! :) But in my old “mature” age, I find myself also being drawn to the whites. Believe it or not, I have been researching my options for the last two years, but haven’t come to a conclusion. So, I would love to know what white or cream china sets you have so that I can add that to my list of patterns to consider…

I hope this gives you an idea of how a tablescape might look like set up by a person who is hopelessly dishaholic, and extremely fabric-aholic! :) Oh, also throw in the mix a little book-aholic!

Urm, and a tad silver-aholic…

Now, are you ready for your own cup of tea? I shall go and fetch your cup and saucer of choice! Thanks for stopping by. You have yourself a fabulous day, okay?

19 thoughts on “Would you like a cuppa while…

  1. I do understand why you love these fabrics..they are just so beautiful and I would love to own some of the fabrics to.
    What a lovely tee cup set – just fall nostalqie with the english breakfast tee in the castle – a romantic place in the souther Great Brittain.

  2. Oh, those fabrics — absolutely gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see what you make with them!
    I have my mother’s and grandmother’s china — I really should photograph some of it as it is quite pretty. I love the clean look of the white/cream china, but also love the ornate look of heavily patterned china.

  3. Oh no, that’s sad that one of them broke..but the fabrics look nice! I like that they’re different colors of the same pattern. That’ll make them go together real nice.

  4. I must say I was so busy looking at your beautiful silver service set I forgot to look at the fabric, then I was so busy looking at the fabric I forgot to read what you wrote, silly me. I enjoyed this post with the nice photos. I do really like the orange(?), maybe more of a deep apricot? and green fabrics there. Can’t wait to see what you make out of that.

  5. Now where do I even begin? The silver? Oh, I love silver- especially your little tea strainer! So pretty
    How about the cup and saucer. This is a real keeper. So delicate, and feminine! The gold edging looks like ruffles to me.
    And you tell a wonderful story with this tablescape!
    How nice to stop by.

  6. I the cup and saucer is amazing. What a great pattern! The tea strainer is very elegant, too!! It’s great how all these fabrics come to you for your quilts! Must be fun seeing them for the first time…

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