I am still bullion-ing!

Thanks for your encouraging words on my smocked birthday dress.  I appreciate them very much.  And yes, I am still bullion-ing.  I am starting to see the end of the tunnel though.  Don’t you think the leaves really help bring out the bullion roses?

I did some quick Math — by the time  I am finished with the embroidery – I would have put in roughly 303 bullion stitches in order to form the rosebuds and roses, and stitched 298 leaves (not counting stitches I have to re-do).  No wonder it’s taken me so long…. note to self:  next time, plan the birthday dress a little earlier! ;)

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a fabulous day!  I will be getting to your emails and comments very soon!

11 thoughts on “I am still bullion-ing!

  1. Your birthday dress will be a treasured heirloom. The bullion roses are worth all the time it takes and you are right the leaves bring each rose to life. I used to have a smocking shop and taught classes 20 yrs ago. Still have my inventory of fabric, patterns and design plates. I smock for each new grandchild now so havent made anything new for 2 yrs. I enjoy seeing your beautiful work! Hope to see pic of her wearing the birthday dress.

  2. They are beautiful. I love bullion rose. I hve not done for a long time, you have stire my inner creation to do some too-Have a good party and I’m sending Gwen a big birthday kisses – Hugs Natima

  3. The bullions look perfect and the leaves do add a lot. Are you using silk for them? I love working with the silk threads, the bullions I am not so sure about. Bullions do take time but your doing fine. What a beautiful dress for a one year old. It is amazing!

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