The baby doll-ish kind of sweet!

Good day, everyone!  I received these fabrics today:

They are from the Marabella collection by Henry Glass.  Aren’t they just the sweetest fabrics?  In case you are wondering who gets to determine what fabrics I use to make my quilts… sometimes it is requested by a magazine editor, other times, it might be my idea or it can even be a request by a fabric manufacturer that wants to promote a certain line of fabrics.   So, it varies…. in this case, it is per the editor’s request.

This quilt is scheduled to be featured in the July 2010 issue of The Quilter.  It will have blocks to look like this:

These fabrics are so sweet – they remind me of a doll quilt or bedding on a doll bed.  I wonder if I would have enough scraps left after the quilt…. hmmmmm….

10 thoughts on “The baby doll-ish kind of sweet!

  1. I think these fabrics look very vintage! Back when things were so sweet and innocent. Hope there is some left for a little doll quilt for a certain sweet baby girl!

  2. Those fabrics are just as sweet as they can be. And yes, you really need to have plenty left over for a doll quilt. I think you know of some one that would love to have one. How sweet!

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