A Quick Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolates are a big deal at my house during the Christmas season!!! We love our chocolates over here! We were invited to friends’ house for dinner. I brought over a chocolate basket:

It was a quick and easy basket to assemble. I started with a basket I have had forever:

I lined it with Christmas tissues:

Then, I started piling chocolates in the basket:

I found these CUTE chocolate reindeer:

I threw in some chocolate balls (more chocolate!):

I added a bow from ribbons I have had for years. For many many years, I would faithfully add to my ribbon stash. I desperately needed to use up some of my ribbons:

I had some tinsel scraps that were destined for the trash until I found a use for them. I twisted them up into a wreath to hang beneath the bow. The camera flash makes it look like it has Christmas lights :):

I like my wreath!

Baskets are quickly rivaling gift bags for me!!! :) Happy Gift Pretty-upping (or wrapping!)!!

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