Peppermint Smocking

Good day, everyone.  I hope you are doing well.  I committed the unpardonable bloggy sin upon completing my Picket Fence quilt — I forgot to take some pictures of the quilt before I headed out the door to ship the quilt!!!  So, I will have to wait a few months before I can show you how the quilt turned out.

I am between deadlines.  I am waiting for fabrics to come before I have to be a busy beaver meeting another tight deadline.  While I am in between deadlines, I thought I’d better work on the last of baby’s Christmas dresses.  I am smocking another bishop for her (shocker!), this time with a peppermint color scheme on Swiss Heirloom Dimity:

I will have more pictures to show you.  Meanwhile, I’d better get back to my smocking before the quilt deadline monster is breathing down my neck again.

Have a lovely day, and stay warm (for those who are experiencing the cold front in the US).  Till tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Peppermint Smocking

  1. The quilt is terrific, sorry we can’t see it now. The smocking is beautiful and the snow has fallen all day and still going tonight. Now the wind is picked up and it is going to get bitter cold. Good time to work on projects.

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