Done: Gingerbear Smocking

I was able to finish my picture smocking of the gingerbears. I am pleased with how the bears look. So, the first hurdle is over:

And now onto the next hurdle — the construction! We are going to do with a pattern we cooked up. We shall see how well it will turn out.

I told myself, as I was smocking the bears, that I would never do another picture smocking project. But then, I also found myself jotting down picture smocking plates that I like to incorporate into baby’s dresses. You know, sometimes, we really are our own worst enemy! And like some of you have remarked – I really am a glutton for self-imposed torture! ;)

Have a lovely Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “Done: Gingerbear Smocking

  1. WOWWW!!!!! this is sooo pretty!! Like i said previously, i couldnt even draw these with crayons! and you could “draw” these out with THREAD!!! :) amazing!! hehehe.. i’m so proud of u!

  2. Your smocking looks great! I haven’t done any smocking, picture or otherwise in years. I began smocking when my sons were pre-teens so they weren’t exactly willing to wear my work. My first grandchild will be a boy so I could make a few things while he is too little to complain.

  3. Those bears came out perfect Wendy! I did have to laugh at your comment about us being our own worse enemies! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that I would never revisit something, only to like what I did so much, I do it again!

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