Are you black Friday-ing?

Happy post Thanksgiving, everyone.  I hope you had your bellies filled with good food! :)

I am not a black Friday shopping myself.  I have preferred sleeping in in the past.  But this year, there’s no rest for this quilter.  No, no shopping for me… but working!

I got these sweet fabrics this week, and will need to work on meeting an early December deadline for the quilt.  The collection is Simply Sweet by Henry Glass.  Look for these sweetness to come to your local quilt shop next year!

Have a safe and sweet weekend – whether you are shopping or not!  I will catch up with you later.

11 thoughts on “Are you black Friday-ing?

  1. Those are some great fabrics! And no, I’m not a Black Friday shopper! I used to love doing that, but now I’d rather stay in bed and get some extra sleep! It’s housework for me and catching up from being gone. You know, nothing gets done when you’re away!!

  2. the pattern on the fabric reminds me of cherries. i like that it has a happy and cheerful mood to it. hmm, i wonder what you’ll make with this..

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