GIVEAWAY! Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Blog Tour Day 4

I am featured

Hello! Welcome to my blog if this is your first visit. And of course, welcome again, if you are back for another visit! I always enjoy your visit. Please leave me a comment (with either your email or blog address) so that I can visit you back! The following is an animated cover for you to view all 100 blocks —

100-blocks_300w390hI am honored that my “Colonial Hospitality” quilt block (#52) is one of the blocks featured in The Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks from Today’s Top Designers. This special issue will be released on the newsstands on November 17,2009. So be sure to get your copy as there really are a lot of fabulous blocks!



Giveaway 1 :

Meanwhile, you do have a chance to win this special issue for free in a giveaway sponsored by Quiltmaker. Just leave a comment on this post between now and 7pm CST on Thursday night, and you will be entered in the giveaway. Please make sure you leave your email address. The winner will be announced on Friday morning (11/13/2009). Do go over to Quiltmaker’s blog for a chance to win original blocks made by the very hands of the designers, and other great bundles of goodies!

Giveaway 2:

Now, I am also giving away a copy of the 100 Blocks plus some of my patterns and a couple of other things. You may leave a comment on this very post between now and November 19, 2009. A winner will be picked on the night of the 19th, and the winner will be announced the following day.


Here is a bit of behind-the-scenes about my “Colonial Hospitality” block – you may skip this part if you just can’t wait to enter the giveaways! ;)

When I was contacted by Quiltmaker earlier this year about contributing an original quilt block, I knew from the get-go I was going to do a pineapple block. Here are some fascinating historical facts about the pineapple in the Colonial days:

1. Pineapples were symbolic of tasteful entertaining, normally used in lavish fruit centerpiece displays.

2. Pineapples were symbolic of Christianity in the late 1600’s because each pineapple has to give up its life to produce the fruit. Christopher Wren began using pineapples as ornamental accents for churches. Later pineapples were often used to adorn homes and buildings.


Lord Dunmore's Pineapple House

3. Pineapples were symbolic of hospitality. Sea captains that returned from the West Indies would place pineapples at the doors of their homes as a sign of welcome to those who wished to call.


I am working on a pineapple quilt — stay tuned for progress pictures!

Thank you again for stopping by! I wish you a very good day.


118 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Blog Tour Day 4

  1. Never been a fan of the pineapple blocks till I learned some of the history behind the use of the pineapple. Now I am fasinated by all the differnt styles used. I enjoyed yours. Thanks.

  2. I love your quilt block almost as much as I love eating pineapples! ;~P I especially love them grilled with brown sugar!! And I would really love to win your giveaway! Thanks, too, for the info about pineapples in Colonial Days!

  3. Love your pineapple block. That pineapple on the house is really neat. I can’t imagine building that. I am really excited about seeing your pineapple quilt, I know it will be fantastic. I am going to check the stores next week for the magazine.

  4. Okay, you twisted my fingers to enter to this giveaways so here I am entering it and wish to win this magazine so I can read all about you in it…!!! Congratulations – Hugs Natima

  5. What a beautiful Block& it was very hard to pick one pattern from 2009–so I went with holiday since we are so close–but I love all the others and I quite frequently go for the floral fabrics myself. Hoping to make some of your creations for myself

  6. I love, love, love your block. I live in the south and pineapples really are an important symbol to us! I do plan on making your block. Congratulations on being selected in this special feature!

  7. Love your pineapple block especially the use of multiple fabrics in the same color. We must think alike!

    As a Virginian, I love the history of the pineapple as a sign of hospitality. I like to use them in decorating the house as well.

    Please enter me in the giveaway and congrats on being chosen for this special issue.

  8. I love that you gave some history of the pineapple. Now I can’t wait to make a pineapple quilt. I especially like the tie in to Christianity. Love your block. Congrats on being choosen. I think your block is my favorite of the ones I have seen so far.

  9. And I would really love to win your giveaway! Thanks, too, for the info about pineapples in Colonial Days! What a beautiful block.

  10. I am a pineapple block fan and yours is great! Congrats on being in the magazine. I’ve bookmarked your site to check for your pineapple quilt – and to watch you play with more colours! (I voted in your dishes post too):) Thanks for the giveaway chances.

  11. I love finding new blogs!

    I love pineapple blocks too! I haven’t had the chance to make one yet though. I guess you can’t do it all in your first year of sewing lol!

    I’d love to win the copy of the mag but I think even if I don’t, I’m going to pick one up somewhere along the way!

    Take Care

  12. That is a really nice pineapple block. Would be more than pleased to win one of these books. What a great way to find new blogs and new friends.

  13. I love the pineapple block! I will have to see if I can get an issue of that here in Ireland or maybe I can win the giveaway. Anyways, it does look good!

  14. I love your pineapple block. The fabrics you chose make it really stand out. It’s so different and fun, I cannot wait to make it!!

  15. How very different. A pineapple block! You’ve just opened up a whole bunch of possibilities.
    I would love to win the block book. It would be so helpful to me.

  16. I love your block! What a great topper or wallhanging this block would make. Lots of different ideas for this one, and I can’t wait to get my copy. This is one I’ll definitely nake.
    Susan in NC

  17. Hi Wendy!
    What a neat idea – the pineapple block! I am trying to imagine what a pineapple quilt might look like – would you be repeating the same block with different colors?

    I fell in love with pineapple when I visited Hawaii back in my junior year in high school. We visited a Dole pineapple farm and the tour guide cut us a pineapple right from the field. I’ve never (still!) tasted something as good as that pineapple! It was amazing – words can’t really describe the taste – it was so good!! We also have a four poster bed with pineapples carved into the top posts – I love the pineapple look!

    Thanks for a chance to win from 2 giveaways!

  18. 2 pineapple sconces are in the entry way of our old home, now I know why! Hospitality! I have scrolled thru and read your entire site. I am amazed at your choices of colors! Very beautiful on everything. I will be back to look more into some of my favorite things on your site. Yay on being selected for the 100!

  19. I just couldn’t post my comment til I looked at each of your beautiful quilts in the blog…how lovely!! I can definitely see myself using that pineapple block as the center of a small wall hanging. Beautiful!!

  20. I would love to be entered in both of your giveaways! Your block is beautiful. I can see it as a wallhanging in a formal dining room.


  21. Your pineapple block is stunning Wendy, just like everything that you do. I’d love to be entered to win! And just so you know, I got my quilting chops back yesterday! I forgot how much fun it is!!

  22. Your pineapple block is just beautiful! The piecing of the body of the fruit truly mimics the texture of the real pineapple. I knew the pineapple was the symbol of hospitality, but the other historical meanings I had not heard before! Very interesting….

  23. It’s been great to discover designers and blogs on the tour that I wasn’t familiar with before .

    I like your block and the use of the decorative stitching within the block is a really original touch!

    Also scrolled down and voted on my Viewer’s Choice from all of your quilts published in The Quilter Magazine. Now I have to go find the back issue of the one I like as well as add your blog to my list!

  24. I love your block! I am a fan of pineapples and have them in various forms throughout the house. I even had pieapple wallpaper and a stenciled wall border a while back.

  25. What a great block – I live in the South and love pineapple symbology ~ Please count me in your generous giveaway – I’d love the have the new magazine!

  26. you learn somethign new about pineapples, here I just thought they were the one food I wouldnt’ have to share in the house =) now let me win the give away! =)

  27. I remember being in Williamsburg at Christmas time and seeing all of the fresh greens and fresh pineapple decorations, just beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. Now THAT’S a Pineapple!! Wow! Love your fabric choices and your quilting. Gorgeous! Thanks too, for the info on pineapples, very interesting. Congrats on being chosen, too!

  29. I LOVE all of your quilts and projects on your blog. That blue and brown quilt is gorgeous.

    Congrats on getting in the magazine, that is a great pineapple!


  30. I love pineapple quilts – they are such an interesting pattern. I enjoyed reading some of the history that you shared.
    Very nice block that you created. Congratulations on being published.
    Warmest regards,

  31. Your block is the most creative and unusual! I can’t wait to see your pineapple quilt! Thanks for the history on the pineapple — no wonder a “pineapple” is often visible in an entryway. Love your work!

  32. Congratulations in being chosen to be in the magazine, but we all know that you are a talented lady. It’s a beautiful block. And thank you for the giveaway!

  33. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome magazine! I love your pineapple block. It was fun to read all about pineapples! I learned things I had never heard before. That was a great picture of the pineapple house!

  34. Wow that pineapple block is fabulous.
    I would love to have a copy of 100 block and would be grateful for any goodies you would like to give.

  35. I love the symbolism of the pineapple. In the past, I have made throw pillows with pineapple blocks as housewarming gifts. Yours is a more appealing design than the one I’ve been using! Thanks for such a beautiful block!

  36. You block looks wonderful and I love it being so close to Colonial Williamsburg. I look forward for a chance to win. I haven’t seen that magazine so I’ll keep my eyes open when I’m at the store.

  37. Hello and thank you for stop by @ my blog, I just wish to win your pineapple block, lol, I really like it very much, it’s my fave fruit, thank you for sharing the story!, really interesting btw!

  38. I knew some of the information about the pineapple you have posted, but did not know the link to Christianity. I haven’t tried a “pineapple” quilt yet; it is on my “to do” list. Love your block, but love the story behind it more. Thanks for the design.

  39. Love your pineapple and congratulations for being in the magazine. I’ll look for it at the store. I’m probably too late for the drawing but glad I found your blog.

  40. I have always loved the pineapple hospitality history, and have a unique hand cut ceramic one hanging in my house. What an honor to be in the magazine. Your square is beautiful, you certainly deserve it!

  41. Thank you for the information on the pineapple. I had heard about its connection to hospitality. What a beautiful design you made! I look forward to seeing the magazine. More projects! : )

  42. love your block and would love a chance to win a copy of the 100 block book… that would keep me busy and out of trouble but not out of quilt shops
    have a great day
    and thank you for sharing

  43. Hi Wendy,
    Congratulations on being selected for Quiltmakers 100 Blocks. What an honor and I am very proud of you. Love your pineapple. Actually I think I have actually seen the building with the pineapple on it. Haven’t been well lately and haven’t been on the computer much.
    How is Little Red Riding Hood. – Sandra.

  44. Wow, 1 of the 100 top quilters! What an accomplishment! Congrats! And it’s really cool how a simple pineapple can have such colorful history! Good luck on your pineapple quilt!

  45. Wow, I knew about the pineapple being a welcome sign but didn’t know all the other facts about pineapples.
    Your block is lovely and I’d love to see the finished quilt. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your second giveaway.

  46. I love your pineapple block. Absolutely beautiful. Being from the south, pineapples have always been special to me….you know…southern hospitality and all that. Congratulations on being selected.

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