Leaves, leaves, leaves!

Our fall foliage this year isn’t exactly glorious in appearance.  I am speculating that it is due too much rain.  You know how each year everyone seems to have their own theory as to why the leaves aren’t turning beautifully as in years past, haha.  Nonetheless, we are no lacking in the number of leaves – that I can assure you.




My 224 leaves are all appliqued!  I got that monkey off my back a couple of nights ago.  Now, I can move on to something more fun — the border,  and the quilt is ready to be quilted.  I have to say, I am more than pleasantly surprised by the blue/brown combination.  The look is quite agreeable, I dare say.  As a result, I have been playing with this very color combination with my dishes.  I will have some pictures for you maybe next week… as I have to get caught up with some housework and a few other more pressing matters, like attempting to make fabric pumpkin.  We will see how I do… :)


Thank you for stopping by!  I hope your day goes well for you.

9 thoughts on “Leaves, leaves, leaves!

  1. When I first saw the sneak peek of the quilt I thought the brown and blue were very nice together now I can see more of it and it is very attractive. Good job getting the leaves all done, that was a lot of them.

  2. Have I said before that you are the energizer bunny in the flesh? :0)
    That quilt is looking real good WEndy.
    I know a whole lot of leaves in my yard will be greeting me on the 14th when I travel up to Washington…

  3. Oh, Wendy!
    Your latest quilt may be blue and brown, but everything you touch, it seems, turns golden! The quilt is quite lovely!
    I am excited to see the finished product as well as your brown and blue place settings! And that pumpkin, too!

  4. I think that the blue and brown combination is very nice – it’s always been a favorite of mine! And congratulations on getting all those leaves appliqued! Whew, what a job, but it looks wonderful.

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