Poll: Viewer’s Choice for 2009 Quilts in THE QUILTER

Yesterday, I showed you the first issue of “The Quilter” in 2010. Looking back all the 2009 issues of The Quilter, I realized I have had an excellent year working with the editorial staff at The Quilter:

2009_the quilter

Roslynn in the March 2009 Issue:



Bluebird Ballad in the May 2009 Issue:



Cozy Patch in the May 2009 Issue:

Cozy Patch2


Simple Pleasures in the May 2009 Issue:

simple pleasures1

simple pleasures2

Cottage Garden in the November 2009 Issue:

Cottage Garden1

Victorian Courtship9

Sentimentally Yours in the November 2009 Issue:

Sentimentally Yours8


Forever Christmas in the Holiday 2009 Issue:

forever christmas4

forever christmas5

My quilts will continue to appear in The Quilter at least through the July issue next year. Stay tuned for announcements and pictures!

Now before you conclude your visit, I would like you to vote for your viewer’s choice among my quilts featured in “The Quilter” in 2009 — just for fun. I am going to alert the editor which one of those quilts wins the Viewer’s Choice.

p.s. Back issues of The Quilter Magazine are available by clicking here.

12 thoughts on “Poll: Viewer’s Choice for 2009 Quilts in THE QUILTER

  1. Of course you know a magpie is going to vote for a bluebird! Oh, what lovely quilts! I can’t get over how neat they ALL are, but that bluebird one is my favorite, followed by the pink one. You are SO talented!


    Sheila :-)

  2. I really was torn between Cozy Patch and Cottage Garden…and then there was Simple Pleasures. Oye! It was hard to vote on a favorite. Such beautiful work Wendy!

  3. I had such a difficult time choosing. I do love the cozy patch and the sentimentally yours. They are all beautiful but those two just speak to me. I think those are the two I would be more apt to make, maybe that is why. I am so happy that your having such good success with having quilts published you do lovely work.

  4. It was really tough trying to actually pick one because they’re all such great quilts! I did pick Cottage Garden, but I did waver back and forth a bit. Glad to hear that you’ll be doing more for them and I can’t wait to see them. I still can believe all that you get accomplished!!

  5. Looks like you have a 3-way tie. LOL

    Just wanted to let you know how much I love your one-block wonder featured in Quilter’s World. I’m going to be looking for fabrics to make Christmas Cheer sometime in the future. Seems like my project list keeps getting longer. LOL

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