Bloom Wherever You Are in THE QUILTER (January 2010)

Good day, you all! I received my copy of “The Quilter” yesterday. My Bloom Wherever You Are quilt is in the January 2010 issue. Can you believe it? We are swiftly heading toward the year 2010!!!

bloom wherever you are1

bloom wherever you are2

The fabrics used are from RJR‘s Always in Bloom collection. The fabric choices made the quilt look like it has a watercolor quilt effect:

bloom wherever you are3

The blocks are double tulip blocks. Basically, they are just slightly improvised log cabins! The log cabin blocks are fun blocks to make because they have so many different possibilities depending on your choice of fabrics, placements, or any twist you add to the blocks:

bloom wherever you are4

bloom wherever you are7

This quilt was quilted with the Tuscany Silk Batt from Hobbs Heirloom and YLI Silk 100 thread. That batt is a dream, I tell you!!!! It is more than easy to manage. I really enjoyed quilting the quilt as a result:

bloom wherever you are5

bloom wherever you are6

always in bloom6

always in bloom7

Quilting as seen on the back:

bloom wherever you are8

bloom wherever you are9

I wish you a good day, and hope that no matter in what circumstance you find yourself, you continue to bloom wherever you are! Blessings to you!

p.s. Should you want to super-size this quilt into a queen size quilt – just click here for more information!

16 thoughts on “Bloom Wherever You Are in THE QUILTER (January 2010)

  1. The fabric is beautiful. I did that block once on a couple of quilts that I gave away. They are a fun block to do. I finally put them up on my blog for this years Quilt Festival. Very nice job on your quilt and it does have a watercolor effect. I like it a lot.

  2. That quilt is beautiful Wendy. I now look forward to picking up Quilt Magazines and seeing your designs in them. I still don’t know how you do it all, but everything you do is wonderful.

  3. Congratulations! This is so beautiful. Luscious colors! It doesn’t surprise me one bit that you would be featured because you do such exquisite work. We’re proud of you!


    Sheila :-)

  4. This is so beautiful, I adore it. I love the watercolor effect – the floral fabrics are so fitting!

    Love the quilting too, love love love. ;) I’m working on my feathers…do you think you achieve better results working with silk thread? I have never tried it and am interested in experimenting with different threads and brands.

  5. I can see why you are a cover girl, LOL! Your quilt is really deserving of being a cover quilt, the colors are amazing, and the quilting adds so much texture.

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