I am really grateful that we had some sunshine over the weekend, after a long bout of nothing but rain!  We took a little walk after church today –  and guess who came by and said hi?!


I guess Mr. Ladybug couldn’t pass by without saying to his own kind after seeing a profusion of them on the blanket! :)  A pleasant coincidence that constitute another simple pleasure of life.  Don’t you love it when such moments succeed in capturing your attention, even for a little while?

I wish you a lovely week!  My week is already looking full – I was just looking at my to-do list for this week!  I’d better hit the ground running.  I will have some work-in-progress pictures for you later this week.


7 thoughts on “Coincidence!

  1. Isn’t that funny how the ladybug showed up. I’ve seen a few around here too lately. Don’t know why – seems a little late and chilly for them, but I love watching them crawl around.

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