Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 16

Good day, my bloggy friends! I haven’t posted an updated on my McMansions project for a while, but I am still working on it on and off. Here is a picture of the latest progress:


Compare the last progress picture I had posted:


I don’t have that much to go…. I am quite eager to get to the finish line!


I’d better get going as I have quite a few things on my to-do list I have yet to accomplish. I will catch up with you later, ta-da!

Oh, before I take my leave…. don’t you think this is one cute-looking rodent?! To be honest with you, I had thought it was a squirrel instead of a rat. I can pretty dense sometimes.


8 thoughts on “Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 16

  1. You will be finished before you know it. Are you going to frame it? Mine is still in my stitching bag waiting to go to the framer!
    I think it’s time to start something else-it will hasten this finish.

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