Pumpkin Patch Smocking done!

Hello Everyone, I hope you have had a great week.  My week has been quite productive, but that was at the expense of my rest.  I am feeling a bit tired trying to meet all the deadlines.  But tiredness aside, I feel great!  I spent a delightful morning with the Eureka Quilt Guild today.   I truly enjoyed their company, and appreciated their warm welcome!  On our way getting there, I was greeted with some gloriously beautiful fall foliage.  Fall is really here!


And our pumpkin patch date is coming up  in a couple of days.  The smocking on the bishop is done!  I really love how it has turned out.  This is the first time I used bold colors like the brown on a light background.  The satin batiste was a dream to stitch!  Now, I just need to get the dress constructed — and pumpkin patch, here we come!

pumpkin patch2

8 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Smocking done!

  1. The dress is going to be so adorable. You are doing such beautiful smocking. Enjoy your fall colors. We don’t have fall in Florida, but the evenings are cooling off just a bit. Have a great day!


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