Completed: Lucy Jumper

I am a quilter who pretends that I am also a seamstress. For some unknown and yet to be determined reason, reading sewing pattern instructions turns my brain into a mess of tangled knots. So, it often happens that after hours of deliberating over the instructions contained in the sewing patterns, I just give up and walk away from my intended sewing projects. But I did have a “proud of myself” moment last night! I was able to complete a “Lucy” jumper….


ALL BY MYSELF (with a few tips from Annelle)!


The Lucy pattern is a Children’s Corner pattern. The instructions were clear, and they even have online help!


I hadn’t planned on making this more complicated than it was intended. So I just added a monogram for a personalized look:


With a Peter Pan collar blouse, a pair of tights and shoes — we are ready to hit the road, don’t you think?


The fabric I used is leftover fabric I had from making my Apple Basket quilt (from An Apple A Day by Benartex):

baskets apple3

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you a lovely day!

14 thoughts on “Completed: Lucy Jumper

  1. Wendy, I have the very same problem. Garment patterns are so confusing to me. I thought I was the only one :-( I used to make jumpers for my daughter when she was little, but maybe the patterns were simpler then ;-) Your jumper turned out so very cute. Love the embroidery. It makes it so personalized.


  2. Very sweet! I rarely sew clothing anymore and always complain when I do – but I am also always so pleased when I have completed a project! Try not to “over-read” your patterns and kind of put something together “instinctively”. It works!!

  3. That is darling!

    If it is any consolation, I have the same trouble with patterns — and I was a Home Ec. Major. Sometimes the instructions don’t make sense until I get into the middle of the given step. And sometimes not even then, though I can usually figure out by then some way to get through it and to the next step, though it may not have been what the pattern-maker had in mind.

    That pattern is making me long for a granddaughter some day!

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