Sheer Craziness

I thought I would be able to show you snippets of my Log Cabin quilt! I totally under-estimated the time needed to applique on the quilt top. In other words, I am running behind. But here are a couple of sneak peeks of my work in progress:

Sweet Pea1

Sweet Pea2

This quilt is due early next week at the editor’s desk. I have another quilt that is due shortly after that, and I am going to have to applique 224 leaves on this new quilt!!! How crazy is that? I must have been out of my mind when I designed the quilt. Now, wait till you hear about the REALLY crazy part — the fabrics for this new quilt aren’t even here from the manufacturer!!!

It is SHEER CRAZINESS, I tell you! If I am a bit late visiting you back or responding to your comments — you will know why. It’s either I am busy working, or I have gone mental and checked myself in the facility!

10 thoughts on “Sheer Craziness

  1. Deep breath. Just tackle this one and get the remaining applique done. It looks like it’s going to be fabulous!
    Fingers and toes crossed that the fabric for the second one arrives — fast!!

  2. The log cabin quilt is so very exciting. I can’t wait to see the rest of it. I love it. I don’t think you can be expected to finish a quilt when you don’t have all the fabrics. Take a deep breath and begin again. You’ll be fine.

  3. Really like this quilt as Log Cabin is still one of my favorite traditional patterns. The applique really sets the quilt apart from the ordinary. Very attractive.

  4. Oh my Wendy! You really have a lot to do. I hope that you will make your deadline. I know that must put a lot of pressure on, esp having a family as well. Just take it one step at a time.


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