P is for…

… pals!  I met Natima earlier this year through the Quilt Festival online.  I was excited to make her acquaintance because of our shared South-east Asian heritage and love of quilting:


I embroidered this little tea towel and sent it over to Natima in Oz-land for her birthday:


Earlier, Natima has sent me the pattern for the Civil War Bride Quilt.  She will be my quilting buddy in this endeavor.  I am going to try doing this quilt by hand.  I haven’t started on it yet, but am in the process of starting a practice project before I jump into the CWB project because I want my CWB quilt to be perfect:

from Threadbear Patchwork & Quilting

from Threadbear Patchwork & Quilting

It truly is nice to have pals in one’s life, is it not?  Thanks for stopping by and being my pals!  I wish you a very beautiful day.

9 thoughts on “P is for…

  1. Oh, my! Wendy ~ is the CWB quilt all applique? It is beautiful! Just look at all those teeny tiny little pieces! You do like a challenge, don’t you!? ;~}
    Personnally, I am allergic to applique! But I know yours WILL be ‘perfect’! All of your gorgeous quilts are. Can’t wait to see it and the practice piece, too!

  2. The towel is so very nice and what a special thing for a friend to do. Handmade things make such special gifts. I like the CWB project. Would that be a block a month or every other month, just kidding. It would take me a long long time to do that one. Lots of work there but I know you will do it and it will be lovely.

  3. Wow — that CWB quilt is gorgeous!! I’ve seen the odd block here and there on various blogs and it is truly a masterpiece. With your talent, I’m sure yours will be stunning.

  4. I just got my copy of the CWB quilt today, I look forward to seeing your work, I’m hoping that seeing others work will give me encouragement to keep me going with it.

    Nice tea towel, Natima is lucky.

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